Past Events

  • Lucie Vítková, Madison Brookshire, Mark So

    Lucie Vítková - MUSIC DOMESTIC (accordion, hichiriki, voice, vacuum cleaner, overtone flute, synthesizer, fan) Madison Brookshire - Rainbow Falls / Window Film Mark So - CAPRICE / marfa notebook / (small durations) $FREE as always!



  • Hanno Leichtmann, Sarah Belle Reid, Bernd Buerklin & Liam Mooney

    Three sets of music to remind you of the tricky and treaty side of things. Leichtmann returns to our series to present "SY4" - a moody piece of dark electronics based on the iconic sounds of the 1970s analog percussion synthesizer Pearl SY-1.   Sarah Belle Reid makes her Unwrinkled Ear debut with her freshly incinerated style of trumpet-woven electronics.…

  • TV or Not TV: The Public Access Archives of The Threee Geniuses

    We have raided the Public Access archives of Threee Geniuses co-creator, Dan Kapelovitz and what we have found is total television chaos. This one will be a complete riot, not to be missed. Featuring strange bodybuilders, religious freakouts, the bizarro puppetry of David Liebe Hart (Tim & Eric Awesome Show!), a young Ariel Pink, Don Bolles (Germs) tinkering with far…

  • Dustin Wong, Julia Bloop, Shaine, Cuddle Formation

    An evening of ambient and experimental electro-acoustic music featuring Julia Bloop, Dustin Wong, Cuddle Formation, and Abbyss.   Julia Bloop emerges from the subaquatic depths with a new batch of hypnagogic reveries on “Out of the Bloop”, one of the final tapes from longstanding label Patient Sounds. Bloop’s music is defined by chance operations, joyful discoveries, and a commitment to…

  • Experimental Sounds from France: Drone À Clochettes and Tamagawa

    Both Drone À Clochettes and Tamagawa, on tour from France, will be visiting Coaxial on 10/19. Support from Baltimore electro-industrial duo Curse and one more act TBA. Drone À Clochettes From Paris, the duo of Thomas Robyn and Elisa Krywonis construct a slow-burning minimalist tapestry of drone-focused meditation, echoing everything from Nadja, Flying Saucer Attack, and Seefeel. Tamagawa…

  • Dearly Departure, Naomi, Jake Turpin, Kins, Gay Felony

    when our eyes met through fog and light.. Dearly Departure Naomi Jake Turpin Kins Visuals By Gay Felony $10 ~ Check out our membership program for discounted tickets:

  • The Stag King Release Party: Night Tongue, The Academy of Sun (UK)

    Come celebrate the Halloween themed album launch of Night Tongue's 'The Stag King.' Dress in occult and mythic themed attire to represent the harvest and release of old cycles and the void as it opens to make way for the new. The season of night is here and along with it, magic, mystery and new beginnings. Come dance to DJ…

  • Eric Frye, Jeff Witscher, MSHR, Nour Mobarak, Legal Garden (DJ SET)

    Eric Frye Jeff Witscher MSHR Nour Mobarak Legal Garden (DJ) All Ages, $10 Presale Tickets Become a member and get discounts on all Coaxial events!

  • Band Aparte, Kesem, Solar Wimp, Those Darn Gnomes

    Band Aparte - beachy post punk. Despite the genre's usual somber attitude, band aparte pushes post punk where no one thought to bring it, and puts on one of the most exciting performances one could see. By pushing their sound and performances far past the usual expectations of post punk. band aparte stands out in a scene as saturated…

  • Eva Aguila – Comida a Mano: Opening & Video Screening

    Coaxial Arts Foundation is excited to announce Comida a Mano an installation and video screening part of Current LA: Food. Opening of comal installation and video screening by Eva Aguila, Omolara Abode, Zeina Baltagi, Ciriza, Arshia Fatima Haq, Maria Maea, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, and Echo Park Film Center youth students. Comal fabricated by JEM and Bob Dornberger.  …

  • Clay Rendering, Milliken Chamber, Wilshire Corridor

    A cold storm of dark-wave, post-punk, and post-industrial from three of LA's finest.   Clay Rendering   Slow-burn, somberly seductive dark post-punk from Mike & Tara Connolly's duo-turned-quartet. Releases on Hospital Productions and Mike's own Gods Of Tundra. Patient, rewarding reconstructions of gothic gloom.   Milliken Chamber   Synth-obsessed darkwave from ex-Forever Grey members and Michigan expats Anna…

  • Pyramidi Scheme Release Event: Smomid, godtease, Bent City, 80KV

    Event for Pyramidi Scheme, a new audio transmission release by Smomid.   Featuring performances by: 80KV Bent City Smomid godtease   Collectively this night will feature circuit bent music, home made instruments, and audio visual performances. Doors at 8 PM, show starts at 9 PM   At Coaxial Arts 1815 South Main Street Los Angeles $7

  • Noise Soirée: Cellista, Disappearing, Anna Homler & Jorge Martin, War Hippy & Crank Sturgeon

    An evening of noise at Coaxial   avec:   Cellista (part of her Transfigurations tour) D I S A P P E A R I N G Anna Homler & Jorge Martin War Hippy x Crank Sturgeon   Doors at 7PM Recital at 8PM Tickets: $7.00   Bring your loved ones to cuddle up to with this soirée of noise…

  • Ceramiks, Draag, Todavía, Ter Nura

    pehrspace and Coaxial Arts present   Ceramiks   Draag   Todavia   Ter Nura

  • Empirical Iron II: Experimental Japanese Animation

    Cathode Cinema Presents: EMPIRICAL IRON 2: Nūberu Bāgu and Experimental Japanese Animation of the Shōwa Era   After the wonderful reception of EMPIRICAL IRON I in 2017, we decided to curate another selection of shorts from Japan's most esteemed filmmakers and animators of the Japanese celluloid era.   Once again, delve into a territory of visceral and ethereal explorations in…

  • Weird Winds Night: Demastes / Mooney / Jacobs / Barbier / Sturm

    $Free as always, bring your friends!   Weird Winds Night. A night of handmade and hacked wind instruments curated by Erin Demastes and sponsored by the wulf.   Performances by Bryan Jacobs (SD), Tom Sturm, Liam Mooney, Matt Barbier, and Erin Demastes.   Liam Mooney is a composer, performer, and instrument maker whose work involves the misuse of familiar objects…

  • B0r0k0v B0r0k0v, Newboy, Morning Hands, Sashcloth, Axes

    Borokov Borokov ( Belgium) Experiments in synth-based electronics from Antwerp. Belgium.   Newboy Pulsating Synthwork and Minimal electronic drums by Greg Vand (High Functioning Flesh,DIN)   Morning Hands (Oakland) Morning Hands is Douglas Du Fresne and Patrick Tabor. They are both over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds. Possibly California's largest synthpop group.   Sashcloth and…

  • B. Anele: Burning The Candle At Both And Also The Middle Ends

    "The day mother nature spit into my mouth. Finding peace within existence through a magnified lens of perception" B. Anele Art Residency Bio: B. Anele is a Los Angeles based Transdisciplinary artist. Delving into imaginative topography, they transform familiar symbolism and commonplace objects into provocative prototypes. An organic nature encompasses the work in it's entirety concerning materials/mediums and essence. Inherently…

  • Love Fiend, Night Collectors, Chainsaw Rainbow, Valerine

    LOVE FIEND (Retro Futuristic Garage) Night Collectors (Oakland Psych Fuzz) VALERINE (Glitter Psych) CHAINSAW RAINBOW (Drone) SHOWTIME: 9PM 10$

  • VIDEO ALTAR IV: SSLEEPERHOLD, S.Product, Dope Dungeon, Auragraph

    Video Altar returns this summer with it's fourth installment. Presenting a full night of obscure film, experimental synthesizer based artists and video art installations. The night begins with a feature screening of 80’s cyber punk horror underground cult classic, TETSUO: THE IRON MAN! Trailer: Performance visuals by ASTRAL VISIONS @astralvisions Contemporary analog video artist Devin Royer from Austin, TX…

  • 5mnk, Kaoru, and Kio Griffith, rheya, A∩D, tombsturm

    What's inside my head?   An evening of explorations into electronics, language, projections, memories, biomatter, current, sound, and mind. Featuring .5mnk, Kaoru, and Kio Griffith / rheya / A∩D / tombsturm.   $7

  • Terminal A, The Victoriana, Twin Schism, Nadoyel

    Terminal A. a fresh take on industrial, a fresh take on punk, and a fresh take on performance. With a dedication to minimalism, Terminal A puts on some of the most exciting shows you've ever seen. To top off the live performance aspect, the duo puts out punk music that challenges yet remains accessible. and adds a new take…

  • Hex Wolves, War Hippy, Fractured Transmission, Crank Sturgeon, Microscopic Suffering

    Hex Wolves War Hippy Fractured Transmission Crank Sturgeon Microscopic Suffering Doors @8 $7 to get in. events/ 370347103672838/

  • HYPED ON EXPERIENCE • hardcore rave dance party

    HYPED ON EXPERIENCE   hardcore rave dance party for baseck’s birth celebration   sound:   BASECK ANAESTHETIK CRUEL WORLD II JULIEN ANDREAS AURA-T09 MINION   visual:   LUCID INTERVAL   $10 all night   let’s freak it out together on the dance floor!

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