rachel jones, the artist, is standing in a daylight forest holding a television on her head which is displaying static

Coaxial Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce Rachel Elizabeth Jones as our November 2023 Artist in Residence.

Installation Opening & Performance
Saturday, November 18th
6:00PM to 10:00PM
Performance, 8:00PM

The Great Coaxial Talissun Trade & Gallery Hours
Sunday, November 19th
12:00PM to 6:00PM

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Rachel will create a site-specific installation, collaborative performance and community space entitled “Movie House / Tree / Sun / Star” at Coaxial, open to the public November 18 & 19.

“An experimental configuration of media and symbols, Movie House / Tree / Sun / Star sets up camp somewhere in the terrain between the ubiquity and nostalgia of “home video” and the grandiosity of the “motion picture industry.” The installation and corresponding performance with collaborator Grant LoParo will use modes and materials associated with childhood, craft, and folk art to question and confuse tensions of rural | urban, folk | cosmopolitan, anonymous | celebrity, and ancient | modern, especially as they relate to mythologies of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the movie industry as “dream factory.”

Offered in conjunction with Movie House / Tree / Sun / Star, The Great Coaxial Talissun Trade is an interactive installation and community crafting event in which guests are invited to make and trade their own sculptural talismxn for one made by the artist. This is an iteration of the ongoing work The Great Talismxn Trade, started in 2017.”

warped objects, bright orange sun and a hollywood star against a black backdrop

Rachel Elizabeth Jones is an artist and writer who grew up in Vermont and lives in Los Angeles. She is drawn to folk and vernacular modes and uses sculpture, installation, and video to engage with concepts of paradise, longing, and fantasy under capitalism, as well as complex tensions between urban and rural outlooks. She founded the art and project space Flower Head in her garage in 2020.

A red cord stretches across forest floor to the center of the image off into the distance

Grant LoParo is a visual artist and musician based in Los Angeles. With an interest in exploring the esoteric and giving visual and auditory form to the ineffable, he employs material and musical tools to channel the influence of the unconscious and allow its transmutation into experiential forms.

A person with long dark hair and sunken eyes sitting at a table playing a small keyboard

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