Two faces centered, saturated analog video effects distort and feedback as infinity mirrors across the canvas

Coaxial Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce Phase Shift Collective (Andrei Jay & Paloma Kop) as our October 2023 Artist in Residence.

Installation Opening & Performance
Tuesday, October 31st 2023
Doors, 7:00PM
Performance, 8:00PM

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Phase Shift Collective will occupy Coaxial from 10/25 through 11/1, ultimately presenting an immersive audio/visual performance entitled, “Synthetic Forest.”

Andrei Jay is a mathematician, video artist, and educator. Paloma Kop is an experimental multimedia artist and ambient musician. Together, they do live audio visual performances and organize community and educational events for media artists.

They have helped start, organized events through Phase Space, and have been guest lecturers at Wesleyan University, Hamilton College, and NYU. Their current endeavor is Phase Shift, a movement for connecting artists and organizations across the US in ways that bypass consumerism-driven social media in favor of inclusive, community-driven networks.

Aquatic, silver, gold layers of video synthesis stripes, lines and polygons feedback in and out of the frame

Synthetic Forest is an immersive audiovisual performance presented by Phase Shift Collective (Andrei Jay and Paloma Kop). Drawing from video material and soundscapes collected during recent travels through national forests across the US, elements from nature will be deconstructed and recombined with experimental video and sound synthesis techniques, resulting in a hybrid cybernetic multi-sensory environment.

logo for Phase Shift - Phase Shift is written in italic neon along a pink neon sine waveform against a black background

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