STATE TV is a multimedia broadcasting installation utilizing various broadcasting channels that will be juxtapose through the Coaxial space highlighting different mediums of state and quasi state networks.


STATE TV illustrates the different mediums and techniques utilized in different methods of televised information dissemination through the setups of C-Band and Ku-Band satellite dishes, paid cable television, CRT monitors, and algorithmically controlled lighting. Viewers will be subjected to numerous channels that will change through the installation simulating the channel flipping of the past while experiencing total immersion of the medium through the channels controlling the in-room experience.


About Brock Fansler:
Fansler began producing experimental television at the Media Studies program of CUNY-Hunter College, graduating in 2006. Through his multiple endeavors as both a television producer and as an independent video artist he has collaborated with numerous artists across the world. Since 2010 he has co-produced Experimental Half- Hour, started as biweekly televised showcase of avant-garde art and artists, the program has evolved into an online broadcast. In the TV show an artist will join with Fansler to create a half-hour collaborative video for broadcast. In 2011 he formed Sporay with his wife, Eva Aguila, as a multimedia performance piece incorporating sculpture, hand-built electronics, and live analog visual elements. Fansler co-created Coaxial to serve as a hub for the emerging multimedia artist community of Los Angeles.

Opening Reception June 14, 2019 – 8PM – 11PM

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