Coaxial Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, multi-disciplinary media arts organization devoted to media, sound, and performance art. Our mission is to facilitate a collective of artists that supports the community at large by running an art space where one can experience new work of experimental video, sound, and performance art under one roof. Started by artists for artists, Coaxial functions on a fundamental principle: to support working artists within an essential framework to promote and generate new works. By providing a range of services to underground artists, we are able to provide a space for artists to create, experiment, and explore topics that are often overlooked and seen as transgressive. We are one of the few organizations in Los Angeles that explicitly supports the creation of and presents video art and new multimedia works. In this position, we serve as a central hub for the community of artists dedicated to this type of production. Since opening our brick and mortar in 2015, Coaxial has provided numerous residencies, studio space, technical support, and public exhibition space to showcase underground artists. We focus on making and providing a space/forum for the creation of new projects, and further experimenting and pushing what art is and its purpose.

Coaxial Arts Foundation
1815 S Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 536-8020

Public contact information for requesting accommodations is available on our Contact Us page on this website. We take request from attendees for additional accessibility needs such as, but not limited to CART, ASL, and language translation. Coaxial works to provide services whenever possible.

Coaxial Staff

Eva Aguila

Eva Aguila Artistic Director

Eva Aguila is a Mexican American interdisciplinary artist and organizer. As a first generation born in Los Angeles her work currently is centered around oral histories of the Mexican diaspora, specifically her ancestral familial rural Michoacán communities. Aguila works with video, sound, and installation to examine personal histories and the in-betweenness of the Latine experience. Using research and personal archives her current work is informed by the materiality of memory. Inspired by ephemerality and Indigenous Futurism, she works with time based media to depict stories and alternative histories to reinterpret cultural portrayals of the diaspora. Aguila is also one of the founders and Board President of Coaxial Arts Foundation, an artist-run non-profit organization dedicated to experimental sound, video and performance art. Aguila co-created Coaxial Arts Foundation as a way to further the community of interdisciplinary media artists in LA, as well as foster the community itself. Her passion for grassroots organizing started as a need to support underrepresented artists communities as ephemeral art is not always represented in traditional art galleries.



Marlo De Lara

Marlo De Lara, PhD Director of Grants and Community Care, Interim Director

Marlo tends to Coaxial’s funding needs and supports the staff in facilitating decision making within the team. Using their critiques of the nonprofit industrial complex and institutional learning, De Lara aims to transgress and subvert traditional hierarchical ways of managing contemporary art spaces. In the role in community care, Marlo uses mutual aid and emergent strategies in combination with current equity, diversity, and inclusion practices to ensure safety and access for all.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, artist Marlo De Lara received a PhD in Cultural Studies (University of Leeds) and an MA in Psychosocial Studies from the Centre of Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex. Their practice works within the realms of sound performance, visual distraction, and film. Using found objects, installation, and various forms of amplification, environments/structures use sound to impart meaning and affect for the participant. As the child of Philippine migrants, De Lara’s unabashed feminist sociopolitical practice/research editorializes on contemporary global conditions.


A portrait of Mas

Mas Guerrero Events Manager

Mas manages Coaxial’s live event & public programming. Mas supervises technical production equipment, ticketing, volunteers, space maintenance as well as the covid compliance coordinator. Mas opens, runs and closes live events which are crucial to Coaxial’s community presence and functionality.

Mas Guerrero is a multimedia artist who's auditory and visual work focuses on excess, simulacra and the means of production. Mas actively exhibits, performs and curates in DIY spaces in and out of Los Angeles.





j borgesJ Borges Events Manager

As an active part of Coaxial since it's inception, J has contributed to nearly every facet of the organization -- from curating and managing events as a former board member to promotion, flyer design, webpage maintenance and mailorder fulfillment. Currently, J serves as event manager with a focus on live sound engineering, lighting, inventory organization and technical maintenance.

J Borges is a composer, sound designer and visual artist; active for over 25 years, most notably with their projects Pedestrian Deposit and Vasculae. They also operate the Monorail Trespassing label, which is focused on specific extensions of noise, dark ambient and electro-acoustics -- often with a concordant, minimalist design aesthetic.




Rain Matheke

Rain Matheke Communications Manager

Rain mothers all things social media, newsletters, press, ticket links, and promotion for the organization and community. She comes to us with over 10 years of experience in higher education administration, and several years as a marketing professional in the field of virtual production. No stranger to Coaxial, Rain has been a performer, curator, and even an artist in residence since we first opened our doors, and they now work with Coaxial Arts Foundation behind the scenes.

Born, and currently living in Pittsburgh, PA, Rain received a Master’s Degree in Visual Art (CSUN). She is an interdisciplinary visual and experimental sound artist. These days, their work mostly takes the form of video art, noise, touring, and tattooing. Rain’s work is always in service of deep connection and understanding, and focuses on navigation of the decaying body and identity as it shifts and evolves within the shell of illness and disease, and blooms through transition.



Coaxial Board - FY22-23

Coaxial is happy to announce this fiscal year's board.

Eva Aguila
Board President

Brock Fansler

Marlo Delara

Shannon Kennedy

At large board members:
Omo Abode
Christopher Reid Martin
Paul Haney
Jesus Antonio Rivera
Alexandra Brown

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