Shelly Badal Aerial Ears - Feeler's Whip

Coaxial Arts Foundation is thrilled to announce LA-based transdisciplinary artist Shelly Badal as our February  2024 Artist in Residence.


Installation Opening & Show
Saturday, February 24th | 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Show – 8:00PM


Pastport Sessions & Gallery Hours
Sunday, February 25th | 12:00PM – 5:00PM

*Mask wearing is highly recommended indoors. N/95, KN/95 & Surgical masks are suggested and provided.



Shelly Badal Artist Photo

Aerial Ears – Feeler’s Whip is a site-specific installation and group activation materializing the flight experience. It sets out to colorize the liminal – peaceful, chaotic, mundane, reflective – aspects accompanied with being in transit. From within the plane Shelly & Co will host a game-esque multimedia performance addressing recent city-swapping trends, yearnings, and resistances.

Stemming from a lifelong intimacy with airports (coming going waiting saying goodbye) and relation to migratory forces and motives, AEFW will incorporate the endurance of connection and themes braided into her family’s post-soviet experience through screens recessed in acrylic windows, projection, and a/v capture stations.

For the week leading up to the show, the build will coincide with inviting collaborators for guest frequencies: recording soundscapes & travel testimonials in addition to compositing tape and digital archives. Attendees of the Pastport Workshop will leave with a pocket-sized travel companion granting entry to a grounded self in any territory-  physical or otherwise. Through individual exploration we will apply letter writing, word association, and prompt-generating techniques to uncover symbols unique to each person’s page. For folks interested in utilizing metaphor as a discovery tool for charting life paths or renewing perspective on systems of any scale.

AEFW’s communal, interactive elements and recording capabilities will still be available for play during gallery hours on the 25th. 


Shelly Badal works within a sensory practice to cultivate relatedness and presence via performance, sound, language, and visual art – engaging in ritual, somatics, relational aesthetics, and experience design – studying prosocial behavior, motivation, and nonlinear expressions of time. She uses academic research as the basis for exploring and responding to theory in an experiential format. Her A/V works blend color abstraction with vérité footage using analog and digital processes. Bridging her backgrounds in psychology and film she looks at depictions of connection and change in the natural and mystical for parallels in aiding limitations across internal and external relationships. She has worked in film, radio, and event production in Los Angeles and Berlin. 

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