Past Events

  • Sprain, Dei Lucrii, Daniel Talton, SOLV at Coaxial

    Join us for a night of THICK music and even THICKER hangs. On the bill we have...   Sprain: Cowboy slownoise, Angry/Sad, Angular   Daniel Talton: Industrial-Folk, east Texas broken man, stori-boi   Dei Lucrii: NoisePsych, Best/Worst acid trip ever, F U Z Z   SOLV: post-punk/darkwave, compression, walls caving in   Please don't be an…

  • Kris Rahamad, Sunnli5hh/t, Fahad Baseer, Ulrich Krieger, Tal Katz, Crawldweebs, Lu Coy

    Kris Rahamad, Sunnli5hh/t, Fahad Baseer, Ulrich Krieger, Tal Katz, Crawldweebs, and Lu Coy welcome you to to reject the idea that a gigantic universe revolves around the earth and to listen to the sounds that they have so carefully prepared for you, the listener.   Door: $7   _________________________________________________________   Lu Coy is a mixed media artist and musician based…

  • Bonemagic, Ritual Chair, Xdugef, Misery Ritual + more

    Big night of noise at Coaxial, featuring Bonemagic from Oklahoma, solo and in collaboration with Ritual Chair as Licking Wounds! Bonemagic Industrial-leaning stomp and blown-out EBM from Oklahoma's Matt Hex, founder of Tulsa Noise Fest. Ritual Chair Profoundly personal, explicitly confrontational, and meaningfully innovative PE from Hailey Magdeleno. Xdugef Mysterious and otherworldly noise unit making an arcane…

  • Pedal Building Group Meet Up

    Here's another opportunity to come and ask questions and get your cables and effects working the way that they were meant to. Broken pedals or cables? Come to this event and we'll help diagnose the problem and get things up and running.   Free to attend, coffee and snacks available.

  • GX Jupitter-Larsen’s 60th Birthday

    Save the date!! Help us celebrate GX Jupitter-Larsen’s 60th birthday ❤️   John Wiese Crank Sturgeon Banetoriko AMK Allegory Chapel Ltd   cake? 🧐 8pm   $10 donation

  • Taft, Nate Cole, Sonoda

    9pm doors $7-10

  • Otherr, [[[personablack]]], S280F, LofiFreq, Tendre Ael

    Otherr   [[[personablack]]]   S280F   LoFi Freq   Tendre Ael   $7

  • A Wave Press Presents Erika Bell, Casey Anderson/William Hutson

    New and recent work by Erika Bell and a duo performance by Casey Anderson (electronics, saxophone) + WIlliam Hutson (electronics). $7 at the door

  • Leya, P22, Olgaa

    LEYA here from NY 🙂 P22 OLGAA 2/26 $8 9 PM 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Gnawed • Failing Lights • Murderous Vision • Hasufel + DJ Greh Holger

    GNAWED (Minneapolis, MN) Active since 2009, Minneapolis based Grant Richardson has solidified a reputation for creating a strain of death industrial and power electronics thats particularly ferocious, visceral, and just insanely heavy. Alongside Nyodene D, The Vomit Arsonist, and Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed represents an act at the forefront of a genre, whose music is built on a European foundation,…

  • The Wulf & Coaxial x Compose L.A.

    Liam Mooney Akbar Abbas the wulf. & Coaxial x Compose LA   Friday, February 22, 8 pm Curated by the wulf. board member Casey Anderson Location: Coaxial Arts Foundation, 1915 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90016 Doors Open: 7:30pm Artist: Liam Mooney Speaker: Ackbar Abbas Program: Liam Mooney’s Flatland   Liam Mooney’s Flatland (2019) is a work loosely patterned…

  • Greenlief / Ewen / Stinson / Liebig / Wrenn / Christopherson

    An evening of performances by Phillip Greenlief, Sandy Ewen, GE Stinson, Miller Wrenn, Brian Christopherson, and Steuart Liebig. $7

  • Open Source: Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa, Erin Demastes

    $ free as always   Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa (LA/ Tokyo)   Erin Demastes (LA) is a multimedia artist, composer, and performer whose work lies at the intersection of art and science. She uses repurposed technology and everyday objects to explore sonic phenomena related to acoustics, resonance, electricity, and magnetism. Erin received an MFA in Experimental Sound Practices and…

  • TONED, Erika Bell + Andy Young, L.A Feedback

    $ free as always   TONED (Oakland/Philly) is the electroacoustic music ensemble of Nathan Corder (electronics), Tom Weeks (alto saxophone), and Leo Suarez (drum set). TONED engages with extremes, operating in the realms of deeply listened sensitivity, muscular sonic assaults, and impenetrable modernist abstractions. Split between the Bay Area and Philadelphia, the three members of TONED have collectively worked with…

  • Zaïmph, Geneva Skeen, Kaori Suzuki, William Fowler Collins

    Zaïmph (NYC) Zaïmph is the solo project of Marcia Bassett. Zaïmph’s recordings and performances shimmer with a dense, dissonant and often unsettling electronic aura, shot through with flashes of meditative beauty. Her preferred sonic toolkit includes prepared guitar, keyboard, cracked drum machines, custom-built noise/drone boxes, processed environmental sounds and tabletop effects.   Geneva Skeen (LA) Influenced by écriture…

  • Jim Haynes • Chris Duncan • Rogue Squares

    Jim Haynes (CA) Jim Haynes defines his work through the phrase, “I rust things.” This statement is applied across a number of media including his cross-contaminated sound constructs and increasingly brutalist abstractions. Detuned shortwave reception, moribund radiophonic research, and electro-magnetic disruptions are but a few of the tools at his disposal. Haynes has recorded work for Editions Mego, Ghostly International,…

  • Open Source: Pablo Dodero, Haydeé Jiménez, Jake Hanna

    $ free as always   Pablo Dodero is a San Diego Based artists originally from Tijuana. His work explores themes like ambient trauma, impunity, and grief. He performs under the monikers Les Temps Barbares and Adiós Mundo Cruel.   Haydeé Jiménez: cultural producer, transdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur based in Tijuana. As a producer/performer of experimental electronic music (aka Hidhawk /…

  • Open Source: Laura Steenberge, Jessika Kenney and Diego Gaeta

    $ Free as always   *Laura Steenberge* is a performer and composer in Los Angeles who researches language, mythology, and ritual. She is interested in nonsense and the boundaries of knowledge, and is influenced by folk music, psycholinguistics, acoustics and medieval Byzantine chant. A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and public speaker, Steenberge uses voice, viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, objects, images and…

  • Open Source: Sahba Sizdahkhani, Wizard Apprentice, Mark Toscano

    $ Free as always   Live sound + performance from Sahba Sizdahkhani + Wizard Apprentice. Film Screenings by Mark Toscano, featuring work by _blank, Lillian Schwartz, Barbara Hammer, and John Whitney   Iranian-American percussionist and composer serves as a unique crossroad of East meets West. Inspired heavily by 1960’s free-jazz and Persian Traditional Music, he constantly channels the fire-energy and…

  • Sivan Silver-Swartz and Zekkereya El-Megharbel

    Sivan Silver-Swartz and Zekkereya El-Megharbel   $ Free as always

  • Four Fourths: Evans/Pluta, Jessika/Eyvind, Watson/John, Mooney

      4 fourths is four sets of music on a Sunday by 7 intrepid musicians.   Event Horizon is Peter Evans (trumpet) and Sam Pluta (electronics) Liam Mooney playing Drum Solo (with industrial vacuums) David Watson (bagpipes) and John Krausbauer (violin) Jessika Kenney (voice) and Eyvind Kang (viola)   Starts early on Sunday January 27, 2019 Doors 7:30pm, music at…

  • Growth and Form: Sichong Xie, Ethan Marks, Peter Mark

    An experimental demonstration of growth and form, featuring performances/presentations by Sichong Xie, Ethan Marks, and Peter Mark.   Door: $7   Sichong Xie - “The Boat Has Sailed, Hasn't It?”   The project “The Boat Has Sailed, Hasn't It?” includes three parts - a fish's funeral speech, a seesaw boat, and a floating dock in the Wesserunsett Lake, Maine. The…

  • 4MS Presents: Dan Green, Daedelus, Lavender, Lauren Bousfield

    4MS Presents: Dan Green Daedelus Lavender Lauren Bousfield   Doors Open at 8:00 PM   tickets:

  • Ludo Is Fantastic screening + Q&A with director Willie Stewart

      Ludo is Fantastic Directed by Willie Stewart Ireland/Belgium Digital Format 2018   Since the early 1960’s, wildman Ludo Mich has been actively operating on the fringes and the fringes of the fringes of the Antwerp underground art scene. Ludo exists inside the ‘M Dimension’ the world of his own creation in which he has produced a significant body of…

  • Open Source: Elle Mehrmand and Sally Decker

    $ Free as always   This event is a part of the wulf.'s third annual Open Source electronic music series. Each event in the series is dedicated to presenting new works by artists working with technologies in unique and innovative ways. Open Source is made possible in part by a generous donation from the DCA Los Angeles.

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