Past Events

  • Concepción Huerta / Mabe Fratti / Gibrana Cervantes / Camille Mandoki, Martin Escalante, Parch Es, Luis Clériga

    An evening of performances featuring Concepción Huerta / Mabe Fratti / Gibrana Cervantes / Camille Mandoki, Martin Escalante, Parch Es, and Luis Clériga. ______________________ Concepción Huerta / Mabe Fratti / Gibrana Cervantes / Camille Mandoki:   Martin Escalante:   Parch Es:

  • RAT PPL + Moonroom Present: Across the Sea featuring Taisei Okazaki

    RAT PPL + moonroom bring you a showcase featuring Asian + Pacific Islander electronic artists @ Coaxial   Taisei Okazaki (Japan) // Ele-phant Records //   HØUNDS //   Koibito 恋人 //   + MORE TBA   November 9th, 9 P.M. // $10   Come join us in supporting API Art!

  • Kee Avil, Black Givre, Erika Bell, Laura Steenberge

    From Montreal:   Kee Avil   Kee Avil is a solo song project based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into song forms that stagger between structure and improvisation. Kee Avil evolved from playing the guitar with broken cymbals and drumsticks into creating strange beats glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls.  …

  • Snake Union, Allegory Chapel Ltd, Geneva Skeen, Zzyzxzyzz

    From NYC:   Snake Union duo of Chuck Bettis (Brown Wing Overdrive, All Scars, etc.) and David Grant (On A Clear Day)   Local support from:   Allegory Chapel Ltd   Geneva Skeen   Zzyzxzyzz   Doors: 8 PM Music: 9 PM $7

  • A/V: Alisa Akay + Videomo

    "A/V is a group screening and exhibition at Coaxial Arts Foundation. In addition to live musical performances, the gallery will be videomapped using both analog and digital signals. A curated food and drink menu will complement the immersive space, and intends to bring guests into the minds of working video artists."   Featuring art installations from: Alisa Akay (creative coder…

  • Video Altar III: Nghtcrwlr / Foie Gras / 80kv

    “To see the crimson star that bursts like blood upon the dawn While trumpets sound and stars rejoice at the birth of BABALON” - The Book of Babalon, Jack Parsons   DJ 's SLABYARD & G.S.E.D. Live performances by NGHTCRWLR (King Woman's industrial/noise side project), FOIE GRAS ( & 80KV (   Screening feature documentary Sympathy for The Devil: The…

  • Coaxial Fundraiser: Nephila, The Haters, Positive Shadow, Reyna Ripper +

    Coaxial celebrates another year open by throwing a fundraiser show with live performances and video screenings.   The Haters Nephila Reyna Ripper Positive Shadow   Video Screening by Artists: Gay Felony Nisa Karnsomport & Ellen Phan Jenny Sayaka Nono Tom Hall Jesus Antonio Rivera Cristopher Cichocki Eva Aguila Obfuscated Visuals & Pulsating Cyst   DJ Elden M   $10 9pm…

  • Submersion Los Angeles

    SUBMERSION LA   WHO Cilla Vee Life Arts – with Cilla Vee, Grayson Morris, Blair Bogin, Pedro Jimenez, G.E. Stinson, Joseph Hammer, Steuart Liebig, Carole Kim, Kio Griffith   WHAT Submersion – an immersive, multi-media environment of sound, image and motion   WHEN Friday October 19th - 8pm – 11pm   WHERE Coaxial Arts Foundation 1815 S Main St, Los…

  • Cathode Cinema presents: Messiah of Evil (1973)

      Wednesday October 17th, Cathode Cinema will be crawling out from the sun drenched dream/nightmare of our long summer to bring you a chilling night of hilarity and eerie vibes!   The night will kick off with a very special edition of our smash hit series YouTopia with "Youtopia: Check Your Candy Edition!" A fun mix bag of Halloween/Spooky themed…

  • NOICE, Furniture Daniel, Robert Schwarz

    pehrspace presents $7-10 sliding scale, all ages.   NOICE Furniture Daniel Robert Schwarz   NOICE is a Los Angeles-based ensemble that seamlessly melds art rock, jazz, post minimalism, and electronica into a singular, mesmerizing sound. Led by Alexander Noice, the ensemble is celebrated for their electrifying live performances - acrobatic in its execution and cinematic in scope.…

  • California Unification Process

      The California Unification Process is an occasional statewide gathering of improvising musicians in the spirit of the Globe Unity Orchestra, Derek Bailey's Company, and the Total Music Meeting.   The East Bay-based members of Lisa Mezzacappa's avantNOIR sextet: Lisa (bass), Aaron Bennett (tenor sax), Mark Clifford (vibes), John Finkbeiner (guitar), Jordan Glenn (drums), and Tim Perkis (electronics), will represent…

  • Pulsating Cyst, Medicine Cabinet, Soot, Microwave Windows

  • Soft Sailors, Rosie Tucker, Eli Chartkoff, Pauline Lay

    This is going to be a great one, folks.   all ages | $7-10 sliding scale

  • Anthony Baldino, PIWM, Pablo Perez, Shiro Fujioka, Visual Witchcraft

    Anthony Baldino   Poor Impulse Width Modulation   Pablo Perez   Shiro Fujioka   Visual Witchcraft   Thursday, October 11th Doors 8 PM / Music 9 PM $7

  • Sects (Providence, RI), Sunk Cost (Denver, CO), Vasculae, Liebestod, Nial Morgan, Sissisters

    Sects (Providence, RI)   Sunk Cost (Denver, CO)   Vasculae   Liebestod   Nial Morgan   Sissisters   Thursday, September 27, 2018 9pm : $7   RSVP:

  • Christopher Reid Martin: Mar Gauge Opening Reception

    Mar Gauge An Installation by Christopher Reid Martin Mar Gauge is a meditation on objects which may or may not hold value in our implicitly impenetrable social constructs. As this history progresses from the physical mediums to one of algorithms and faith in institutional constructs, the importance of these physical simple functional materials remains currently in pure sight yet dismissed…

  • Fumo Stinson Christopherson Golia Reid and Liebig

    An evening of free improvised trios with John Fumo, G.E. Stinson, Brian Christopherson, Vinny Golia, Sarah Belle Reid, and Steuart Liebig

  • ARIADNE (NYC) • PBDY • 06118 • S280F

    ARIADNE (Brooklyn, NY) ARIADNE is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo whose work explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of music performance, digital and interactive art, poetry and dramatic experience. Much of ARIADNE’s output consists of interactive a/v performances which employ custom built hardware and software,…

  • The 1st Annual Coaxial Label & Publishing Fair

      In tandem with the release of our upcoming 3-Year Anniversary book, Coaxial are excited to present our first annual label and publishing fair. Browse wares from numerous independent labels and publishers from Los Angeles and southern California. We'll be having DJ's throughout the day as well as food and beverages.   Confirmed Labels/Publishers:   Chondritic Sound Monorail Trespassing Obsolete…

  • Primordial Wound (Seattle) • Unexamine • Sarah Brady • Anthracite • Nial Morgan • Sissisters

    Tuesday August 7, 2018:   Primordial Wound (Seattle, WA)   Sarah Brady   Anthracite   Nial Morgan   Sissisters   Unexamine   8pm // $5   RSVP:

  • pehrspace presents

    pehrspace presents: Slow Rose 4-Hour performance

    free, all ages. donations accepted to help keep Coaxial up and running. ------- Please join us at Coaxial Arts Foundation at 1815 S. Main St on August 6, 2018 from 8p-midnight for a 4-hour performance from Slow Rose and special guests (??). Bring snacks, hydrate yourselves with water and juices and find a comfortable place to sit and listen and…

  • Brett Naucke (Chicago) • Positive Shadow • Rotary ECT

    Brett Naucke (Spectrum Spools • Chicago, IL) Brett Naucke (b. 1985) is an American electronic composer, recording, and performing artist based in Chicago, IL.   Since 2010, Naucke's sonic output has been primarily focused on marrying various forms of synthesis with personal and conceptual narratives. His most recent recordings have been released by Spectrum Spools, Umor Rex, and Hausu Mountain…

  • Maya Deren 16mm Marathon Screening

    Moving to Los Angeles with the touring Katherine Dunham dance company in the early 1940s, Deren met Alexandr Hackenschmied (later Hammid), who would lend some technical expertise to transform her efforts in still photography into the watershed experimental short, MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON. Deren is perhaps the most catalytic artist to work in avant-garde cinema; that short, her studies in…

  • Interior One • Wonderland Club • Terror Cell Unit • Blackwatch • Deterge • White Rhino Taxidermy • Sarin Snow • HHL + Interracial Sex

    Interior One (Austin, TX • side project of Breathing Problem)   Wonderland Club   Terror Cell Unit (Oakland, CA)   Blackwatch (TX)   Deterge (Pittsburgh, PA)   White Rhino Taxidermy (NY)   Sarin Snow (Oakland, CA)   HHL + Interracial Sex (WA / CA) Collaborative set.   $12 7pm, promptly. RSVP:

  • Shredded Nerve (NYC) • Scant (NYC) • Jackson-Pratt (NYC) • Pedestrian Deposit • Sissisters

    Shredded Nerve (NYC • Chondritic Sound / Monorail Trespassing) Shredded Nerve is the solo noise project of Justin Lakes, formed in mid-2012 and based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Shredded Nerve began to take root after the dissolution/transformation of previous projects. Focusing primarily on layers and composition utilizing mostly tape loops along with junk metal, static and basic synthesizer drones.…

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