Past Events

  • MaxPhilBrian, Priyanka Ram, .5mnk/Kaoru/Griffth, and Skoddie

    An evening of artists that posses the power to transmute base sounds into gold.   Careful and exhaustive study of these sounds is urged, and deep meditation, in the sincere hope that many thereby may enter upon the right path and attain the illumination of the higher spheres.   Featuring Max Kutner + Phil Rankin + Brian Saia / Priyanka…

  • IBEW IV – Ideas

    IBEW IV IBEW Is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Wonders. This is number 4 in the series.   A night of IDEAS   7 PM Igor Amokian 8 PM Anna Homler + Jorge Martin 9 PM Smomid 10 PM Death Blanket 11 PM Enrich'd White   $7

  • Judith Hamann (Australia), Receptacles (Sweden), Joe Moffett (NYC)

    Receptacles - bass/ guitar/ drums/ vocals quartet (Sweden) Judith Hamann - cello solo (Australia) Joe Moffett - trumpet solo (NYC) Sunday June 9, 2019 @ Coaxial 1815 S. Main Street Los Angeles Starting a little early to enjoy the Sunday light Doors 7:30, music 8:00pm $10 Brought to you by Black Editions Presents: and The Unwrinkled Ear Concert Series Let's…

  • Lav Andula, In-house Pharmacy, Asymptote, Sunnli5hh/t, Jaime J Soto

    An evening of alchemic electronic music performances by Lav Andula, in-house pharmacy, Asymptote, Sunnli5hh/t, and Jaime J Soto. $7 ___________________ Lav Andula drearwave // post-witch // noise // performance art in-house pharmacy (Naomi Mitchell + Lauren Bousfield) Asymptote Sunnli5hh/t Jaime J Soto

  • In the Womb, Endometrium Cuntplow, Those Darn Gnomes, FYB, Counsil

    endometrium cuntplow Forest electronics queen Patrick Shiroishi & Dylan Fujioka (In The Womb) Blistering sax/drums duo   Those Darn Gnomes San Diego degenerate noise   Fuck Your Birthday Wenzhou, China math pop Counsil Crushing skramz   Coaxial 8pm $7 at the door (cash or card accepted)

  • Blind Date (NY), Kiran Arora (NY), Anthracite, Sissisters, Unsustainable Social Condition

    Blind Date (NY)   Kiran Arora (NY)   Anthracite   Sissisters   Unsustainable Social Condition   $7, 8pm doors.

  • Goshen, Terminator 2, Crawl, LIP

    Goshen- noisy hardcore from the inland empire Terminator 2-The sound of the Human Machine shutting down forever. Sludge filled brutality. Noisy Doom Sludge from Denton TX CRAWL-Stagnant depression. A dungeon tortured imprisonment drags you blindly through the cavernous guilt of existence. The fear of want. A self-loathing that suffocates...  Actualized through a perverted form of bass, drums, and incendiary vocalizations…

  • Solar Wimp, WageMaker, Universe 25

    Doors 8pm, cover $7.

  • Omniaudience (Side Two)

    Omniaudience (Side Two) With Lynnée Denise, Nikita Gale, Harmony Holiday, Nour Mobarak, Alexander Provan & C. Spencer Yeh Saturday, May 4, 1:30–5 p.m., Hammer Museum, free Sunday, May 5, 6–8 p.m., Coaxial Arts, free Read the full description and schedule What are the settings in which speech and sound can be heard and have a meaningful effect? How has our…

  • Jorge Ravelo / Sierra Pollock / Alan Tofighi

    free as always bring your friends

  • D/s Black Artiodactyls Circuit Wound Nu Sire Banetoriko

    Celebrate Walpurgisnacht with the noise of touring act D/s from New York with Black Artiodactyls, Circuit Wound, Nu Sire and Banetoriko. D/s Black Artiodactyls Circuit Wound Nu Sire Banetoriko $7 Event Page

  • Booker Stardrum / Lou Tides / Old Hibiscus / Fyzk

    What have we learned about the earth as a heavenly body? Come find out in an evening of astrological sounds created by Booker Stardrum, Lou Tides, Old Hibiscus, and Fyzk Door: $7

  • Tongue Depressor + John Krausbuer, Sonnet/Matsumoto, Gabie Strong

    Tongue Depressor (New Haven, CT) + John Krausbuer (Los Angeles, CA) Tongue Depressor is the duo of Zach Rowden and Henry Birdsey - two quietly prolific artists working in New Haven, CT...Vibrant, sustained tension delicately balances along discordant, iconoclastic visions of a vacant world. John Krausbauer is a Los Angeles based musician whose music is rooted in immersive long form…

  • John Saint Pelvyn/Pauline Lay/Paul Metzger/Hydrargyrum/Tal Katz

    An evening of experimental approaches to string instruments featuring John Saint Pelvyn, Pauline Lay, Paul Metzger, Hydrargyrum, and Tal Katz Show on April 25, 2019 door: $7 John Saint Pelvyn Guitarist, thereminist, singer, and player of some species of dismantled electrified folk, John Saint Pelvyn is a musical enigma of the best kind. At the root of his playing is…

  • Daniel Meyer-O’Keefe & Ben Rempel // Tasting Menu // Sam & Tom

    Upcoming show organized by the wulf. featuring Daniel Meyerr O'Keefe & Ben Rempel, Tasting Menu (Cassia Streb, Tim Feeney, and Cody Putman) and Sam & Tom (Sam Calvetti and Tom B Sturm).   Free Event Info  

  • Münki, Supplement Fitness, Sashcloth and Axes

    Münki Supplement FITNESS Sashcloth and Axes $7 at 7pm All ages No alcohol inside or out

  • Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lüneburg / T(Raum) / Salvæ

    An evening of experimental electronic music and sound art created by Marko Ciciliani & Barbara Lüneburg, T(Raum), and Salvæ Door: $7 Marko Ciciliani is a composer, audiovisual artist, performer and researcher based in Austria. The focus of his work lies in the composition of performative electronic music, mostly in audiovisual contexts. Interactive video, light design and laser graphics often play…

  • Street Sects, Thief, Body/Negative

    $7 event info

  • Relaxersize 1.0 = Random Man Editions X Animal CHARM

    Random Man Editions is on tour screening their 2 latest VHS releases: Selex, Volume 2, Video Anthology - various artists (45 mins) + Relaxersize 1.0 - Animal Charm's Live Video Mix tape recorded August 10, 2001 at Side Street Projects in DTLA (45 mins) Doors 8pm

  • Our Spaceship Moon: Dessen, GE Stinson Trio, SpaceSearch, Liebig

      Sonic research will be presented by Michael Dessen, Steuart Liebig, Miller Wrenn, Brian Christopherson, and G.E. Stinson Sonic Models have been prepared by SpaceSearch (Erin Demastes and Tom Sturm) $7

  • SOOT/Rust Worship Tour Kickoff w/ Haunting, Gabie Strong, Clotting

    To kick off Rust Worship and SOOT's April tour of California and the Southwest, the two will be joined by an esteemed crew of Los Angeles friends for an evening of heavy and vociferous noise at Coaxial.   SOOT SOOT is the creation of the Bay Area's James Livingston, founder of the superlative Black Horizons label, who has…

  • Coaxial 4 Year Anniversary

    Coaxial Arts Foundation will be celebrating four years alive; curating experimental video, art and performances in Los Angeles.   You are invited to signalize the concrete with us.   We will be screening past and new works from a selection of our previous artists in residency, including:   ALEX PELLY GX JUPITTER-LARSEN SUZY POLING JESUS ANTONIO RIVERA CHRISTOPHER REID MARTIN…

  • Dreamscape #8

    The eighth Dreamscape, a continuation of the Ambient nights series. ambient, drone, techno, soundscapes.   ACTS: -Spencer Salazar:   -Drum & Lace: Electronic trip-hop from Italy   -Hvile I Kaos LA orchestral neo-classical with a black metal influence   -Issaias Vaca: Los Angles ambient drone soundscapes   - Daniel Peterson LA noise and Drone   Doors:…

  • Erin Demastes, Derek Monypeny, Sahba Sizdhakhani

    $ free as always   Erin Demastes is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist, composer, and performer whose research lies at the intersection of art and science. She uses repurposed technology and everyday objects to explore sonic phenomena related to acoustics, resonance, electricity, and magnetism. Her fixed media work usually consists of assembled sculptures made from hacked electronics and things that…

  • Pablo Perez, Sarah Belle Reid, Stephen McCaul, Dendera Bloodbath

    Pablo Perez Pablo Perez is known for creating sonic kaleidoscopes of rhythms, glitch, noise, extraterrestrial sound, and postmodern worldly technotic beats. His unique style takes the listener on a journey of alternating and morphing soundscapes that blends cross genre fusion of techno, noise, funk, psychedelic, abstract, and jazz styles.   Sarah Belle Reid Sarah Belle Reid is a…

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