Coaxial got a shout out from 5 every week live on Off-Ramp!

5 Every Week: neon museum, virtual reality theme park, secret food window, Japanese skincare!

ART: Virtual reality theme park

Coaxial is a creative space-slash-weirdo factory near University Park. It’s dedicated to experimental television production and media art. Think of it as a brick and mortar home for the sort of lo-fi alien transmissions public access channels used to air.

Coaxial specializes in obscure screenings and interactive performances from Angelenos in the televisual vanguard, like this Saturday’s “Virtual Reality Theme Park.” Yeah, it’s what it sounds like — we think: a “simulated amusement park” featuring rides from around the world.

We’re told the attractions will be presented in “Low-Tech VR.” Instead of using electronic headsets, the space will manipulate sound, temperature and the environment to create an immersive simulated experience.

The classic thrills include rides from Coney Island, Busch Gardens, Ferrari World and other, famously litigious theme parks that we probably shouldn’t mention.

To round out the experience, the event will also feature souvenirs, costumed characters and actors posing as park employees . What does that all mean? I don’t know. I guess we just have to go to find out.

Plus, it’s $7, only a tiny fraction of that park-hopper pass.