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    Coaxial One Year Anniversary

    Facebook Event Link: Celebrating COAXIAL'S birthday with a Live Taping of Experimental Half-Hour hosted by Adam Papagan.   Performances by: Swinging Chandeliers William Hutson/ Ted Byrnes Duo M. Geddes Gengras   Live Painting by: Myra…

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    CORUM'S MAGIC MIRROR (Maine) - Psychedelic Audio + video project of Grant Corum which explores a metaphysical relationship with a micro to macrocosmic world. His sounds examine esoteric and spiritual concepts through hypnotic layers of…


Jennifer Juniper Stratford at Telefantasy Studios, an analog media lab and mutant television studio devoted to the future exploration of media through obsolete communication technologies. Self-portrait. — Suzy Poling, Triadic Tower from solo show at Cult Exhibitions/Aimee Friberg, San Francisco, CA. 2016. Photo: MJ Bernier.

Mike Kelley Foundation awards grant to Coaxial Arts Foundation

Coaxial Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit media arts salon dedicated to experimental television and media art, is happy to announce we have been awarded a grant

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New website and mediaThe foundation Grant

We’re happy to announce a relaunched Coaxial website! We’ve updated content and archived our past events. In addition we are very grateful for the generous

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Coaxial got a shout out from 5 every week live on Off-Ramp!

5 Every Week: neon museum, virtual reality theme park, secret food window, Japanese skincare! ART: Virtual reality theme park Coaxial is a creative space-slash-weirdo factory

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