Upcoming Residency: /////Solid States\\\\\

/////Solid States\\\\\

The first immersive art experience from longtime collaborators Alex Pelly and Elaine Carey, Solid States emerged from the desire to combine experiments in interactive video and auditory phenomena in an intermedia, site-specific artwork.


In this examination of unyielding structure and malleability, Pelly and Carey will explore textures of metal hardware through a collection of sculptures. Pelly’s video work will capture the form and movement of each element. The same materials will be used to create Carey’s accompanying soundscapes. Each fixture will be installed in a different area of the gallery, forming an environment that alters depending on the viewer’s location within the space, as they perceive a varying blend of light and sound.



To be filmed, recorded, and arranged on site at Coaxial, the show will open to the public for the first time on Friday, March 24th, followed by a live concert event on Saturday, March 25th that will be a joint PELLYVISION and Experimental Half-Hour broadcast. The show will culminate in a brunch and closing event on Sunday, March 26th.



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Excited to share this event with you all!! Some of you might know that Jesus Rivera has been Program Directing at Coaxial Arts. It’s been a lot of fun. Jesus Rivera & Jonnie Prey are starting a video series called CATHODE CINEMA. Our first one is called: ‘Weird Waves – Video

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Coaxial’s Equinox Gala

Celebrate this Persian New Year at Coaxial Art’s inaugural Equinox Gala. The special night will include traditional Nowruz dinner, live performance by Shiir, Yek Koo, special Rare Persian cassettes DJ set by Hajii Firuz, and video by Sadaf H Nava.  

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the wulf At Coaxial Arts

Coaxial Arts is happy to announce that the wulf, a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts organization, has begun programming at Coaxial. Their next event is Mark Menzies l–4:7–l on Jan 31st.

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Mike Kelley Foundation awards grant to Coaxial Arts Foundation

Coaxial Arts Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit media arts salon dedicated to experimental television and media art, is happy to announce we have been awarded a grant from the Mike Kelley Foundation.   As part of the grant Coaxial will host two resident artists, Suzy Poling and JJ Stratford, to create new

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New website and mediaThe foundation Grant

We’re happy to announce a relaunched Coaxial website! We’ve updated content and archived our past events. In addition we are very grateful for the generous support of mediaThe foundation for their support of Experimental Half-Hour‘s ongoing programming.

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