Brian Butler: Equinox Apocalypse



Brian Butler is a Los Angeles based artist, filmmaker and musician. His interests and practices with mysticism, with its often hidden meanings, function as the underlying narrative of his work. Films include Babalon Working, Night of Pan and Union of Opposites. Butler has executed a series of ritualistic performances internationally including The Bartzabel Working at L&M Gallery, The Babalon Working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Choronzon Working at the Volcano Extravaganza on the island of Stromboli, Italy. In addition to his own practice, he is a frequent collaborator with Kenneth Anger in their performance project Technicolor Skull as well as numerous film and exhibition projects. As a musician, he has recorded and/or performed music with artists such as VON LMO and Rozz Williams (Christian Death).


Residency at Coaxial Arts begins Wednesday, March 20th


A book documenting the first three years of Coaxial is now available. With photos covering the gamut of residencies and performances. Over 50 full-color pages. With photos from Katie Stenberg, Eva Aguila, Dalton Blanco, Tony Ung, Estelle Srivijittakar, Suzy Poling, Jonnie Prey, Eric Zimmerman, and Sophia Nearhood. Book design and layout by Alex Mata.


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