Phonemic Workshop: How you Build your own mic w/Michelle Cortese

October 6, 2018

Build your own XLR­out microphone from unused vintage telephone parts, guided by VR Designer and Hardware Maker, Michelle Cortese. Telephone carbon elements give the microphone a distorted megaphone­esque sound that can be used and amplified in the way any XLR microphone can be. Kits come with all components materials required (including custom powder­coated enclosures and unused vintage phone parts) and are simple enough for beginners. No prior knowledge of audio hardware or soldering necessary!

Workshop taught by Michelle Cortese from ThinkingHZ, an indie label for handmade soundtoys and diy instruments.

Michelle Cortese is a Toronto­born designer, maker, educator and futurist currently hopping between Brooklyn and San Francisco. By day, she’s a VR Designer at Facebook; and by night, a design adjunct at Queens College. Her background is a twisted medley of interface design, hardware development, art direction, and VR. Michelle has exhibited work at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Moogfest, Tribeca Film Festival, and more.

ThinkingHZ is a collective of NYC-based electronic music artists, building and selling the objects of their dreams. The collective’s contributing creators are Johann Diedrick, Mark Kleback (founder), Michelle Cortese, Nick Yulman and resident designer Danne Woo.

$75 includes all the materials needed to build the phonemic. Workshop is limited to 10 people.
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