Zachary Paul, OATTIA, Electric Sound Bath, Priyanka Ram, Pat & Chris

An evening of ambience and improvisation, five acts sharing some of LA’s most prolific talents.

Patrick Shiroishi & Chris Williams

Another meeting of Patrick Shiroishi (saxes) and Chris Williams (trumpet), using the freedom inherent in improvisation to reconfigure the limits of woodwind and brass.

Zachary Paul

Solo performance from the productive mind of violinst Zachary Paul, whose work both on his own and in collaboration finds him traversing jazz, noise, and drone with ease.

O.A.T.T.I.A. (Of All The Things I Am)

Ambient four-piece led by Alonso Santana

Brian James Griffith

Los Angeles experimental New Age duo featuring Ang Wilson on singing bowls and synth and Brian Griffith on bass and electronics. Patient and gorgeous minimalism.

Priyanka Ram

Priyanka Ram is a Los Angeles-based sound and visual artist, whose live works recall Indian classical music, jazz, and blues through the utilization of loops and electronics.

Sunday, July 21
Doors: 7:30 PM
Music: 8 PM