wulf@Coaxial: Music for Tuning Forks

Hosted by the wulf.

Join us for an evening of music for tuning forks, featuring works by:
Erin Demastes
Todd Lerew
Liam Mooney
Davy Sumner

Erin Demastes presents “Resonance,” for tuning forks and resonant objects. Erin Demastes is an Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media M.F.A. candidate at Calarts. Her work deals with repurposed technology and everyday objects to explore sonic phenomena related to acoustics, resonance, electricity, and magnetism.

Todd Lerew presents “Lexical Semantics.” One of two identical tuning forks is heated with a handheld blowtorch, thereby lowering its sounding pitch and producing beating when they are struck simultaneously. The slow convergence of pitches, as the heated fork returns to room temperature, is made audible.

Liam Mooney presents a new and fairly quiet work for lightly prepared tuning forks. Mooney is a composer who makes music via the misuse of familiar objects and materials.

Davy Sumner presents a new work for the Fork Organ, an original electroacoustic instrument that uses electromagnets to vibrate tuning forks at their resonant frequency, among other things.