We’re not sure if we are broken


“we’re not sure if we are broken” is an installation and video-art based show on 01.17.20. The show is composed of artists: Lee Bootee, Keywan Tafteh, and Jeremy Reynoso; curated by Ariel West. An exploration of self, as it navigates and evolves within the virtual realm, the artists draw on themes of self-obsession, physical mortality, privacy, anonymity in virtual dating. Each piece demands its own character, whether they be alter-egos of self or shadows of past lovers. The exhibition is comprised of works in video, installation, and sculptor.

Jeremy Reynoso is an art school graduate born, raised, and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His work in this show is an investigation of the fine lines between self-love, self-obsession, and self-hatred within the development of virtual identity for the web.

Keywan Tafteh blurs the line of genre with his interdisciplinary approach to creation. With his installation, “Balancing Act,” he questions the identities one is capable of creating in the post-internet age. Individuals curate personas in order to match their intentions and navigating these fabricated realities become blind.

Lee Bootee works within the realm of what she describes as ‘broken theater,’ exploring themes of cultural collapse, synthetic evolution, and a blurry sense of origin. Her piece, “Biometrics”, is a video utilizing an aquarium as theater. The video is structured as a theatrical performance / graphic novella following Bootee~ a genetically modified, stateless being~ as their personal information and biological data is obtained and sold- liquidity of physical mortality, & privacy. Bootee’s work exists within the constraints of the physical ~while (dis)integrating at the base of atoms and pixels weaving reality.

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