Video Altar III: Nghtcrwlr / Foie Gras / 80kv

“To see the crimson star that bursts like blood upon the dawn
While trumpets sound and stars rejoice at the birth of BABALON”
– The Book of Babalon, Jack Parsons


Live performances by NGHTCRWLR
(King Woman’s industrial/noise side project),
& 80KV (


Screening feature documentary
Sympathy for The Devil: The True Story of The Process Church (Neil Edwards 2015, 1h 41m)
& short films The Wormwood Star (Curtis Harrington 1956),
The Scarlet Woman & Smoulder (Anthony Ramon Maldonado 2018 & 2017), Invisible (Jenny Sayaka Nono 2017), & TBA (Jesus Rivera)


Exhibiting artwork from new film & art magazine PANIC!
Limited release of the first issue will be for sale.
PANIC includes over 100 pages of work by Nedda Afsari, Iphigenia Douleur, Jesse Draxler, Blake Armstrong, Rik Garrett, Jesus Rivera, Hannah Haddix, Jonnie Prey, Vanessa Sinclair & more.
Including interviews and features with Decoder producer Klaus Maeck, Television Magick from the Psychic Temple, Genesis P-Orridge, Jacqueline Castel, and The Process Church.


“Panic is a spirit closely related to times of transition: Panic always appears as the announcement of spiritual birth” – Alejandro Jodorowsky


Admission $10
Free popcorn and candy!