Ungrund: Video Screening

This event is hosted by Ungrund Collective. Ungrund is a collective of female artists working within the realm of video.


The screening includes work from Paula Wilson, Elle Mehrmand, Melanie Bonajo, Julia Oldham, Nika Kaiser, Suzy Poling, Light Hits, MSHR, Sara Ludy, Rebecca Erin Moran, Omolara Abode, Jessie Rose Vala, Briana Gonzales, Leah Rebecca Brown and more TBA.


These videos traverse the outer and inner realms of the mystic. A connection to the spirit world through the beauty and strangeness of such things as the rock, the vessel, the dinner party, the generator and the star.


This will be a one night video installation and screening.




Paula Wilson http://paulajwilson.com/
Jessie Rose Vala http://www.jessierosevala.com/
Omolara Abode https://vimeo.com/videomo
MSHR http://www.mshr.info/
Sara Ludy http://saraludy.com/
Suzy Poling http://www.suzypoling.com/
Melanie Bonajo https://www.instagram.com/melanie_bonajo/?hl=en
Anna Luisa Petrisko http://www.jeepneysjeepneys.com/
Elle Mehrmand https://vimeo.com/user5873060
Julia Oldham http://www.juliaoldham.com/
Eva Aguila http://experimentalhalfhour.com/
Light Hits https://vimeo.com/user7854200
Nika Kaiser https://vimeo.com/user6433428
Rebecca Erin Moran http://www.rebeccaerinmoran.com/
Briana Gonzales https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzhDPz0ueyg