TONED, Erika Bell + Andy Young, L.A Feedback

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TONED (Oakland/Philly) is the electroacoustic music ensemble of Nathan Corder (electronics), Tom Weeks (alto saxophone), and Leo Suarez (drum set). TONED engages with extremes, operating in the realms of deeply listened sensitivity, muscular sonic assaults, and impenetrable modernist abstractions. Split between the Bay Area and Philadelphia, the three members of TONED have collectively worked with luminaries including Roscoe Mitchell, William Winant, Jaap Blonk, and Jack Wright, as well as groups such as JITTERS, Taiwan Housing Project, Nude Tayne and wMerchandis


Erika Bell + Andy Young (you already know, CA)
Drones, Interplanetary assault systems, sounds for children, 100% all organic and free range.


LA Feedback (LA)
They play the hits. Feedback instruments, noise, and chirps.
~Clint Dodson, James Vitz-Wong, Evan Schaaf, Cody Putman~


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