The Films of Sally Cruikshank with Vince Collins & Galen Pehrson


We at CATHODE CINEMA are very excited to present to you the short film works of 3 amazing, psychedelic animators whose accumulative work spans 5 decades.
Sally Cruikshank with Vince Collins & Galen Pehrson!!

Sally Cruikshank (born 1949) is an American animator, most famous for her 1975 animation ‘Quasi at the Quackadero’, that was voted as one of the 50 greatest cartoons by members of the animation industry, was selected in 2009 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. Her work has featured in many episodes of Sesame Street, in feature films such as Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983), Top Secret (1984) and in title sequences for films such as Ruthless People (1986), Mannequin (1987) & Loverboy (1989). She was the head animator for Snazelle Films in San Franscisco from 1972 to 1981, and in 1986 Cruikshank won the initial Maya Deren Award for Independent Film and Video Artists given by the American Film Institute, along with Stan Brakhage and Nam June Paik.

Vince Collins – “The psychedelic maestro is responsible for some of the most striking and phantasmagorical films of the ’70s. With the kaleidoscopic reverberations of the previous decade swirling around his palette, his style is unmistakably indebted to the ’60s, and partly inspired by indie animators like Larry Jordan and Jeff Hale.
Although he’s since graduated to a different style that favors computers over experimental, cel-style animations hand-rendered with inks and paints, his early works are like a “trip through a trunk full of memories,” as the artist muses. Malice in Wonderland — which Collins actually considers to be pornographic, even if it doesn’t comply with today’s glossy, glamorized erotic aesthetic — marked the end of an era for the pioneer, who contends that the indie film scene had all but vanished in the late ’70s. ”

Galen Pehrson (Born 1979), the animation-based film, commercial, and music video director is noted for his creative visual approach and manipulation of hallucinatory Illusions.

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