Terminal A, The Victoriana, Twin Schism, Nadoyel

Terminal A.
a fresh take on industrial, a fresh take on punk, and a fresh take on performance. With a dedication to minimalism, Terminal A puts on some of the most exciting shows you’ve ever seen. To top off the live performance aspect, the duo puts out punk music that challenges yet remains accessible. and adds a new take on styles that often don’t see much change.

The Victoriana.
Dreamy, sometimes, dark, sometimes poppy, post punk that feels familiar but utilizes none of the genres old tropes. The victorians is as new and exciting as one could find and takes no steps backwards.

Twin Schism
Punky Cold wave played tight and clean Twin Schism’s two human members are as on point for their performance as their drum machines, but every set offers different excitement, this is a new band to watch out for, they’re moving fast.

spacey and heavy, Nadoyel fills a room with ethereal tones and brings out warm memories, continually builds and diminishes soundscapes that provoke introspection.

8pm. $7
all ages