Sunatirene, K.Mulhern, Mayako XO, Johann Munn

Sunatirene is the solo project of New York via Baltimore musician and sound artist, Sydney Spann. She uses archival samples, strings, field recordings, chance operations, and lyric poetry to fashion melodies within soundscapes. Spann’s live performances often incorporate a rotating theatrical iconography to match sonic motifs. She released her debut full-length ‘Trepanning’ via Ehse Records in 2015. ‘Queen Sound’ is an album inspired by a visual world governed by whetted femininity, populated by impish silhouettes, twisted bucolic landscapes and wide-windowed interiors. It is her second full-length, and her first release on She Rocks! September 24.

K. Mulhern is a poet, filmmaker, and sound artist based in NYC whose work looks at ancient humanity and the task of chasing ghost traces in a dying world. Her new composition “Silt” has been released with Entr’acte.

Mayako XO

Johann Munn