Slow Tongued Beauty • Mass Marriage • Sewer System • Fíníneachas • Race to the Bottom


Slow Tongued Beauty (Philadelphia, PA)
Slow Tongued Beauty is Ryan Scott Kerr; a producer of agonizing, minimalist noise which evokes a darkness comparable to that of the winter nights in Philadelphia.

Mass Marriage (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Melissa Paget is a multi-disciplinary media artist whose abrasive sound and video works fall under the moniker Mass Marriage. Paget’s work envisions a manic character obsessed with female identity from high fashion to the female body in popular culture, to prostitution, all embroiled in a world of bizarre European genre cinema. These fixations are appropriated by Paget from various media sources and heavily processed into vivid, concentrated, abstract and abrasive sound and video, often accompanied by her live amplified vocals. Paget’s Mass Marriage directive is exercised via various forms, be it Mass Marriage performances and gallery video installation works for Vancouver’s OR Gallery, the publication of various related themed ‘zines, or playing various venues along the West Coast including Portland and Los Angeles.

Sewer System
Full-bore noisecore bludgeoning from Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Sissy Spacek, Wood and Metal).

Collaborative project of Matt Purse (Oxen, Fenian, USC), and Ted Byrnes.

Race to The Bottom
Individualized and situational musique concrete from Nial Morgan (Wrong Hole, Cockerel, Presh).

8pm / $7