Scallion Chloe 8800 – “Breaking the Transwarp Temporal Lock Algorithm of the 21st Century, Transmission 2”

Scallion Chloe 8800 is a renegade Meta-Poly Synthesist from 2451, Post-Cistory. Through sacrifice, she is in the 21st century attempting to accelerate the coming of the Trans Future. Using Trans-sensational Photon Phenomena, she brings sonic and visual sensory modulations of the New Queer Timeline into the Cistoric era, increasing global flow of the Queernon particle. In order to spark a substantial and permanent stream of such Trans Future influence and compress Cistoric Time, Transwarp access to the New Queer Timeline must be achieved. Transwarp, a HyperQueer time movement process with unique algorithms for all centuries, has never been attempted in Cistory.

Scallion Chloe 8800 has installed a Meta-Poly Synthesis laboratory in Coaxial Arts Foundation, complete with unique Trans-Optic instruments such as the Visual Transmodulator and HyperProcess Sequencers. Over the course of three days in April 2020 C.T., this laboratory will be used to break the Transwarp Temporal Lock Algorithm of the 21st century; making the Trans Future a much nearer future.

In response to the isolation defining this specific time, three days of ultimate testing, research and execution will be streamed via Cistoric Time internet connection at daily intervals of synthesis culmination. Whereas Meta-Poly research execution is almost exclusively performed with a large group of X-gender folk present to provide a Queernon boosting field, input sensor modules have been modified to gather such energy despite distant online attendance. With this digital commune recalibration, the mysteries of 21st century Transwarp will be within reach, and those of shed binary will see the dawn of the Trans Future.

April 16 Transmission #1 8pm PST

April 17 Transmission #2 8pm PST

April 18 Transmission #3 8pm PST

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