Rick Potts, Michael Gelinas, Bozulich/Sarno, Gutzeit/Darlington

Last Visible Dog records and Coaxial Arts Foundation would like to invite you for an evening of uncommon sounds heard in uncommon ways, with performances from Rick Potts, Carla Bozulich & Devin Sarno, Michael Gelinas, and Brent Gutzeit, joined for part of his set by V. Darlington

The duo of Carla Bozulich (Geraldine Fibbers, Evangelista, Scarnella) and Devin Sarno (Waldo The Dog Faced Boy, CRIB) fuses together a combined love of low end sonic pandemonium.”

Most recently based out of Milwaukee, Brent Gutzeit has been recording and performing solo and with a dozens of collaborators (as Liminal and TV POW among others) across the years and continents. One thing Brent hasn’t done much of in that time is visiting Los Angeles, and this will be his first show here in 18 years. Victoria Darlington (useless wing) will be joining Brent for part of this performance.

Michael Gelinas is a Los Angeles native primarily working with microtonal and drone techniques on electric guitar, double bass and electronics. After some years in Arizona, Michael has recently returned to LA, and we’re most happy to welcome him back.

The last time I saw Rick Potts perform, a ski-boot was married to a guitar. This followed in the footsteps of many other instruments taken apart and reassembled in ways i couldn’t readily conceive of in sound or appearance. Strings are expected for this performance. Beyond that all bets are off.


We are also very glad to announce that Last Visible Dog Brewery will be providing a selection of beers on tap for this event, along with non-alcoholic refreshments.