Relay For Death/Andy Borsz/Unsustainable Social Condition+1 more

Relay For Death (Oakland, CA)
“Relay For Death are the twin sisters Rachal and Roxann Spikula, whose noise mantras transcribe the harsh realities of urban blight that complicate and threaten their own survival.” – Helen Scarsdale Agency

Andy Borsz (Oakland, CA)
Haino/Bower-esque guitar freakout and deep cacophony from Andy Borsz of avant-psych/noise duo Slasher Risk.

Unsustainable Social Condition
Harsh electronics and auditory abrasion from Los Angeles’ own Matt Purse (Fenian, Oxen label).

Mike Meanstreetz (Los Angeles, CA)
“Mike Meanstreetz is a multimedia artist whose non-traditional craft seeds new genres while reaping the fallen fruit of old. ”

March 31st
8 P.M.