Recombinant Media Labs + Private Selections present Shao, 33emybw, Kyoka, Le Fou, Gooooose

Coaxial Arts Foundation is THRILLED to welcome Recombinant Media Labs to host their first event in Los Angeles with Co-Host Private Selection Records. This is a very special and rare event as RML is bringing some remarkable artists from Asia to play their San Francisco 2019 Festival. They decided to come play live sets and DJ sets in Los Angeles. Lucky us!!

Recombinant Media Labs (RML) act as a producer and presenter of artworks and performances based on spatial media, AR/VR, and music.Naut Humon is the founder and artistic director of Recombinant Media Labs, and during the last decades was curating AV content for Asphodel Records in New York and SF and for select portions of the annual ARS Electronica Festival in Austria where he also helped coordinate their Digital Music category for ten years. Having performed in the past with the avant-garde music group Rhythm & Noise. He later formed the Surround Traffic Control network, the aural optic incubator that gave birth to today’s CineChamber apparatus.

Recombinant Media Labs and Private Selection presents:


Kyoka (Raster)

Shao (Tresor)

Wang Meng (atomic visual studio)

Video Art by Tom Hall, Suzy Poling and more TBA.

Coaxial Arts Foundation

Our downtown Los Angeles venue and exhibition space.

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