Pure Shit, Nina Spheres, Oort Smog, Sauber Zauber


Punk as it should sound, nasty swampy and fast, sauber zauber wastes no time, but are sure to command attention from anyone in the room.


Heavy Saxaphone and Drum punk by Mark Kimbrell (solar wimp) and Patrick Shiroishi (Upsilon acrux, corima, danketsu10). Oort smog is everything you want from avant-garde without sacrificing performance for their well refined style


If you’ve been involved in Los Angeles experimental or punk for any amount of time, you’re sure to know of pure shit’s precise experimental punk. With open room for improvisation, clashed with attention to detail Pure Shit takes punk to new sounds and styles, and have been a staple of the LA community for quite some time


Brand new two piece Heavy drone from Davis California, Nina Spheres is attention to detail put in sound. With a strong commitment to live performance everywhere possible early on, Nina Spheres is guaranteed to utilize space and sound in a unique way anywhere they play.

All ages
$8-$10 sliding scale for artists and space
January 10

As with all DIY spaces. Coaxial strives to create a space where the community can feel at home, an important part of that is accessibility. Currently we are hosting a fundraiser via ” withfriends” to make coaxial wheelchair accessible, this is our top priority. You can help us achieve our goal by not only attending shows like this one, but even further than that by checking out our withfriends account and if you’re able, donating, a little foes a long way! Thanks so much for your continued support.


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