TV or Not TV: The Public Access Archives of The Threee Geniuses

We have raided the Public Access archives of Threee Geniuses co-creator, Dan Kapelovitz and what we have found is total television chaos. This one will be a complete riot, not to be missed. Featuring strange bodybuilders, religious freakouts, the bizarro puppetry of David Liebe Hart (Tim & Eric Awesome Show!), a young Ariel Pink, Don Bolles (Germs) tinkering with far out sounds, endearing go-go dancing, Giddle Partridge, out-of-control visuals and so much more!


“The Threee Geniuses (co-created by Dan Kapelovitz, Jon Shere and Tim Wilson) was rightfully dubbed “The most intentionally psychedelic television show on cable TV.” (LA Weekly) It utilizes no pre-production, no post-production—just pure, unadulterated production. The show is conceived, written, acted, shot, sound-mixed and edited live, in “real-time,” so that in less than 30 minutes, another complete, fully realized, mind-blowing video masterpiece of Total Television Freak-Out is spontaneously generated.”


Doors 8pm / Films at 9pm
$10 donation at the door.