Psycho-Harmonial Philosophy: Blood Oath, Petrichor, Marta

An evening of electro-acoustic improvisations and compositions featuring Ulrich Krieger, Josh Carro, Marta Tiesenga, Miller Wrenn, Breana Gilcher, and Alkis Nicolaides.

Door: $7

Marta Tiesenga
Ulrich Krieger | Josh Carro
Blood Oath

Petrichor is an experimental electroacoustic trio of oboist Breana Gilcher, guitarist Alkis Nicolaides, and bassist Miller Wrenn. Their performances explore the intersections of diverse musical logics and traditions, ranging from Baroque repertoire and free jazz to avant-garde chamber and noise musics, through unbridled improvisation and original compositions. Firmly positioned between the traditional collaborative models of chamber ensemble and jazz trio, Petrichor seeks to develop a new creative archetype for a 21st-century ensemble — moving fluidly through a musical world devoid of boundaries.

joshua michael carro (b. 1982 – ) is a versatile multimedia artist, percussionist, sound designer, producer, teacher, and composer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ulrich Krieger is a saxophone player in contemporary composed and free improvised music as well as a composer of chamber music and electronic music. His recent focus lies in the experimental fields and fringes of contemporary Pop culture: somewhere in the limbo between Noise and Heavy Metal, Ambient and Silence. His original compositions go back and forth between Just Intonation, Silent Music, Noise, Instrumental Electronic, often asking for elaborate amplification, and works in the limbo of Rock culture – not accepting stylistic boundaries.
Krieger developed his own, often amplified style of saxophone playing, he calls ‘acoustic electronics’. He uses refined acoustic, quasi-electronic sounds, which then get processed, the saxophone often becoming more an ‘analogue sampler’ rather than a traditional finger-virtuoso instrument. By amplifying his instrument in various ways, he gets down to the ‘grains of the sounds’, changing their identity and structure from within.
He collaborates with: LaMonte Young, Phill Niblock, Text of Light, Lee Ranaldo, John Duncan, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, Thomas Köner, DJ Olive, Christian Marclay, Kasper T Toeplitz, Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Mario Bertoncini, Michiko Hirayama, Miriam Marbe, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Ensemble Modern, Berliner Philharmoniker, Soldier String Quartet, zeitkratzer, just to name a few.