Practical Transparency – Symposium on art/work/life

Practical Transparency – Symposium on art/work/life is an event that will feature a selection of critique-based talks/performances on the functions/complications/non-standard methodologies inherent in a 21st century practice and all the art adjacent functions that accompany said practice. A panel has been assembled across disciplines and strategies ever present but not always apparent to deliver hyper-specialized tactics made palatable by conference and group communication. Practical Transparency works as a refutation to the culture of mechanized information/presentation where a tested strategy is given as revolutionary with no feedback. Please join us for five presentations culminating with a group Q&A.

Featuring talks by Adam Otto Lutz, Sierra Pollock, Jorge Ravelo, Emily Whittemore, Alan S. Tofighi.


Coaxial Arts Foundation

Our downtown Los Angeles venue and exhibition space.

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