Peter Kalisch Album Release Show w/ live performances and more

Massive show celebrating the release of Peter Kalisch’s newest cassette Prostitution on Black Horizons (

Live performances by:

Peter Kalisch

Peter Kalisch is a Los Angeles artist and musician who’s work grapples with critique of the self and queer identity, with his recordings recalling everything from death industrial and power electronics to classic minimal electronics. Prostitution on San Francisco label Black Horizons follows last year’s Empty Mirror on Obsolete Units, and as those who have seen his recent live performances which have distinctly desecrated that line between noise set and performance art, this will not be one to miss.


Confrontational and cacophonous Los Angeles duo throwing out filthy noise rock, raucous synth-punk, and grinding beats with blindsiding fury.

Moment Trigger

Local techno champions behind the Fatt Grabbers label and events. The real deal, one of the most unsung live electronic acts going these days.

Pure Shit

Fearsome and deranged noise-punk locals, a total live powerhouse not for the faint of heart.


Raw and masterful “electro-punk” from Pogo Pope and company, self-described as creating “socially conscious dance music that they coin as ‘Anarcho Body Music.'”

PLUS, special DJ sets from the one and only Geneva Jacuzzi (

Friday, August 9
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM