Pablo Perez, the2vvo, Teasips, Brin & Matthewdavid

A night of modular/analog electronic music, curated by Pablo Perez.

Pablo Perez

“Pablo is known for creating sonic kaleidoscopes of rhythms, glitch, noise, extraterrestrial sound, and postmodern worldly technotic beats. His unique style takes the listener on a journey of alternating and morphing soundscapes that blends cross genre fusion of techno, noise, funk, psychedelic, abstract, and jazz styles.”


“the2vvo (pronounced ‘the zwo’ = ‘two’ in German) is an artist duo based in Los Angeles, Ca made up of Eldar Tagi (sound) and Lena Pozdnyakova (architecture). The duo performs evocative and expressive audio-visual sets that range from minimal electro-acoustic ambient to raw techno and industrial noise.”


“Angela Frances Wilson (Electric Sound Bath) is a Los Angeles born composer, with a practice built at the intersection of healing art, and improvisational music. Using modern digital and analog mediums, they investigate modes of perception, and the impact of hybrid space.”

Brin & Matthewdavid

“Brin is the solo project of Portland, Oregon based percussionist & sound artist, Colin Blanton. Blanton warps, layers and contorts his samples through sensory percussion to create hypnotic rhythmscapes that bend & tumble through intimate, vignette worlds.”

“Matthew David McQueen, better known by his stage name Matthewdavid, is an American record producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. He is a co-founder of Leaving Records. He has collaborated with Sun Araw, Dog Bite, and Serengeti.”

Saturday, March 7th, 2020
Coaxial Arts
$7 – $10 sliding scale
Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM

Coaxial Arts Foundation

Our downtown Los Angeles venue and exhibition space.

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