Pablo Perez, Sarah Belle Reid, Stephen McCaul, Dendera Bloodbath

Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez is known for creating sonic kaleidoscopes of rhythms, glitch, noise, extraterrestrial sound, and postmodern worldly technotic beats. His unique style takes the listener on a journey of alternating and morphing soundscapes that blends cross genre fusion of techno, noise, funk, psychedelic, abstract, and jazz styles.


Sarah Belle Reid

Sarah Belle Reid is a Canadian performer-composer, specializing in trumpet and electronics, modular synthesis, and alternate forms of graphical notation for composition and improvisation. She is a co-developer of the Minimally Invasive Gesture Sensing Interface (MIGSI) for trumpet: an open-source, wireless interface that captures performance data and provides real-time extended sonic and visual control for improvisation.


Stephen McCaul

Stephen has always been a student of music, but has degrees in math and video game design. Prior to starting Noise-E, he worked in game audio for 10 years, publishing and presenting internationally on the topic. Noise Engineering was born when a friend re-introduced him to the world of modular synth.


Dendera Bloodbath

Dendera Bloodbath began as a studio project with the 2011 album [wr wr wr], inspired by political upheaval in Egypt and featuring synthetic beats and noises supplemented by augmented harp and drehleier sounds. Gleaning heavy influences from the Victorian era playwright and poet Oscar Wilde composer Verge Bliss constructed a concept album around his one act Salome to be performed on autoharp. While touring around the southeast she began experimenting with synthesizers and sequenced beats to supplement acoustic instruments. Currently she performs an amalgamation of experimental darkwave and noise with electronics of her own design.


Doors: 8 PM
Music: 9 PM