OPEN CALL FOR STORIES- Phoning It In: Acts of Artist Activism – livestream Aug. 25th*

Phoning It In: Acts of Artist Activism event will be live-streamed August 25th 6pm PST

Call-in and/or email us your stories and thoughts on artist activism. All communities are enriched by a multitude of voices and we want to hear from you.

As artists and cultural makers, we create in the face of resistance. As humans, we stumble and fail. Most importantly, we learn from these events.

Have you had an experience organizing an event/exhibition/curation/community action in the recent past that didn’t match your intention? In the words of abolitionist Mariame Kabe, “how do we bring the space closer together between our values and our actions?” Through stories, there is a way forward.

Phone it in: +1 (213) 536-8020
Email it in:

Share your experience with Coaxial to inform, get advice or reflect with the community.

Discussion will be led by Artist/Activist/Academic Marlo De Lara works within the realms of sound performance, visual distraction and film. Her sound art is a production of (un)intentional textural compositions which develop from microscopic tone landscapes into dense and expansive states of noise and drone. Her research practice focuses on creating and maintaining spaces through fostering art collectives for the marginalized.


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