Of Avant T’ardism: Los Angeles Edition

“Of Avant Tardism: Los Angeles Edition” brings us all the way from Detroit, Michigan, the infamous Jimbo Easter.
Recent recipiant of the esteemed ‘Kresge Grant’, Jimbo’s work as a Preformance and Visual artist defies any explaination other than unforgettable: a mix of the savage, insane, nightmarish and comedic lunacy that scrawls its name into your subconscious with a sharpened femur bone. www.jimboeaster.weebly.com

Los Angeles’s own Jonnie Prey, formely from the icy rubber room of Michigan also explores a savage landscape, his Performance Art work seeks to veil the portal of the cognitive, perceptions of what the connecting tissue means and replace it with abstraction, internal strangle, masks and ritual. www.jonnieprey.com

There will be a surprise film from Detroit-raised / LA based Jesus Rivera (Demonbabies), who’s recent film series “Dark Family Myths” have further opened the grey matter of mediocrity’s portals into a wild and telling future of the short film narrative. http://www.demonbabies.tv/short-subject/

DJ Set By Christopher Reid Martin

This will be a live taping, part of The Expierimental Half Hour Show: Two seperate live performances bookmarked by 2 short films by Easter & Prey and Jesus Rivera.
Reception starts at 8pm Show starts at 9pm

Please join us! $5-10 Donation*
Coaxial Arts 1815 S Main St, Los Angeles

*All donations will go to our fundraiser to keep us open for much more exciting programming!