Not Your Family WhatsApp – Diaspora and ancestral heritage

Not Your Family WhatsApp is a curatorial project co-curated by University of Southern California, MA in curatorial studies graduate Loujain Bager and Los Angeles based artist, Zeina Baltagi. The project centers around WhatsApp as a digital platform that allows for global communication. Not Your Family WhatsApp explores the connectivity of the platform and the way we communicate in the diaspora. We are interested in the circulated stills, audio and moving images, commonly sent in WhatsApp Group Messages. Inspired by how our families interact with each other and the aesthetics of the images, videos, and voice notes, sent to one another. This project is a multi-layered exhibition including: a virtual discussion series, a virtual exhibition and a public window display visible from the street at Coaxial Arts Foundation’s Downtown Los Angeles location.

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Diaspora and ancestral heritage Sunday, September 5 – 7PM PST


L.E. Brown:

Dongwan Hong:

Amal Amer:

Archiving and art: Wednesday, September 8 – 7PM PST

Sherin Guirguis:

Andy Campbell:

Caitlin Abadir-Mullally:

Archiving and art: Thursday, September 9 – 7PM PST

Yasmine Nasser Diaz:

Sarah Elawad & Nathan Davis, Water with Water:

Mental health and the digital realm: Monday, September 20 – 7PM PST

Madina Wardak:

Layla K. Feghali:

Zehra Ahmed: architect , designer , cultural curator, cook /

Futurism and science fiction: Monday, September 26 – 7PM PST

Jörg Matthias Determann:

Hushidar Mortezaie:

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto:

Anum Awan:

Alia Ali:

This program is supported by Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.

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