Niko Solorio (+ TAX) w/ Visuals by Wes Johansen

Coaxial is pleased to present a live performance by multi media artist / musician, NIKO SOLORIO (+ TAX).

He will be joined by WES JOHANSEN who will be providing live visuals. Nostalgia and technology are the core themes of WES JOHANSEN’S work. In the past two decades society has moved from VHS to 4k and from dial-up to all encompassing 4g wireless service. Yet, despite the functional uselessness of these old gadgets they are finding new value as carriers for memory and lost experience. With this starting point, Wes creates live video collages using borrowed bits of the recent past.

‘+ TAX’ is the moniker used for one of Niko’s most recent music projects. This evening he will perform material from his forthcoming album as well as some rare and unreleased tracks.

In addition Niko will screen works of film/video spanning the last 10 years. The films and videos will screen from 7 – 9 pm, followed immediately by a live performance. This event marks the first time Niko has performed in Los Angeles in nearly 2 years. It will also be his debut performance as + TAX.

7pm – 9pm: Film / Video Screenings

9 pm: Live Performance

***Special Guests To Be Announced***

Music/Video Links:

+ TAX (plus TAX) – “Interference” (demo version)

+ TAX (plus TAX) – “Interference” Video