Nephila: HEMA: Closing Performance

Coaxial Presents: Closing of HEMA: An Installation performance by Nephila


HEMA is a sound and visual environmental installation, exploring the relationship between forces of nature and human psychology.


September Artist In Residence Shannon Kennedy performs sound compositions with handmade string instruments in a constructed world where instruments and environment blur together. Kennedy uses natural substances such as fire treated wood, water, metal and air to represent elements of the body and mind. The audience is invited to enter and walk through an immersive, metaphysical and sensory web of sound and structure that is metaphoric of aspects of the body and mind.


Shannon Kennedy is an experimental musician, set and costume designer, painter and sculptor. She performs as Nephila and as part of the group Pedestrian Deposit. HEMA is the culmination of three years of work under her solo project, Nephila.