Monochromancy, S O L V, Statichor + 1 More


Monochromacy is fronted by veteran musician Esteban Flores. Mr. Flores creates dynamic and atmospheric guitar improvisations colored with shades of grim undertones. His music has been described as “meditation music for the end times.” A listen to his music will take you on an incredible ride. Some passages are uncomfortable, others soothing. This is the awesome power that Monochromacy generates. From a faint gasp to the roar of fire of the gates of Hell.


S O L V aka Ariel Iribe creates tumultuous and dissonant waves of sound that are both repellent yet alluring. Electronic in nature, organic in attack. S O L V utilizes a disguise of effect pedals to permeate the air with hooks of fragmented notes, often using the room he plays in as the instrument.


Statichor, the solo project of Kyle Ferguson (also of misery ritual) uses EQ to slowly manipulate a drone built from electronics, blending harsh and ambient noise statichor puts listeners into a meditative state.