Mondo Weirdo : A Trip to Paranoia Paradise – Film Screening

“The Hard-core version of Eraserhead” –Jan Doense (Weekend of Terror)
MONDO WEIRDO: A TRIP TO PARANOIA PARADISE aka JUNGFRAU IM ABGRUND (1990) is the European answer to the Cinema of Transgression of Richard Kern and Nick Zedd, except more extreme, eccentric, surreal and genuinely erotic.
MONDO WEIRDO wallows in smut, sleaze, gore, splatter, and dark comedy and is set in an underground world where both vampires and punk rockers engage in straight, lesbian & gay hardcore sex to the highly addictive and hypnotic electro music of Model D’oo. Dedicated to Jean Luc-Godard and and Jess Franco, featuring Jessica Franco-Manera.
Shot on 16mm stock, presented in a new High-definition transfer.
$5 Suggested Donation at the door