Max Meetup, Los Angeles


Join the LA Max community at Coaxial Arts Foundation on May 26, 2022 at 7 PM.


This is the first of a monthly series of meetups focused on the creation of music and multimedia art using the software Max by Cycling ‘74. The monthly series will feature workshops, talks, performances from artists and educators who use Max, plus free time and space to learn, patch, and hang out with others who love computer music and art.

This event is free and welcomes people of all skill levels, experiences, races, genders, sexual orientations, and nationalities. There will also be food and drink available for free.

Philip Meyer will be sharing how to sequence using features in the latest version of Max 8.3.1 and Julian will be demonstrating segmented sample playback using the MuBu package. Community members who have a project to present for a future workshop are welcome to do so. To submit a proposal please use the form at:

If you plan to attend this event, please RSVP. RSVPing is not required, but it helps us make sure we have enough space, food, and volunteers to run a successful event.

Supported by Cycling ’74

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Coaxial Arts Foundation

Our downtown Los Angeles venue and exhibition space.

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