M. A. Harms: carnation, lily

Los Angeles, CA – Coaxial Arts Foundation is thrilled to have M.A. Harms as our March 2023, Artist in Residence.

Gallery Hours:
Reception (w/ refreshments): Saturday, 3/25: 6pm–9pm
Sunday, 3/26: 12pm–6pm
RSVP: https://withfriends.co/event/15697393/m_a_harms_carnation_lily  

Free | Open to all
Mask wearing is highly recommended indoors. N/95, KN/95 & Surgical masks are suggested and provided.

carnation, lily is an interactive installation that transforms Coaxial into the purgatory in which Kelly Link’s short story takes place. Converted to a dingy seaside motel, pre-recorded music, and various video ranging from found footage, white out illustrations, and stop motion animation will bring Coaxial to life as audience members are invited to walk through the space and embody the story’s main character. M.A. Harms is a Los Angeles-based composer, performer, and instrument builder who explores the intersections between grief, gender, and sex through a combination of text and sound. Their practice centers performance art and interdisciplinarity, imagining and creating sound using sculptural installations, found objects, electronics, mannequins, and placing equal significance on the visual experience of their work.

M navigates literal stories and personal life events via sound practice, obscuring them to the point that they begin to bridge the gap between individual and “universal” experiences. As a percussionist and interdisciplinary performance artist, M has worked with artists including Eric Lennartson, Daniel Newman-Lessler, and Jeonghyeon Joo. They received their MFA from California Institute of the Arts, where they studied with Tim Feeney and Nicholas Deyoe.

carnation, lily, lily, rose is a two-part project presented by LA-based artist M.A. Harms including an interactive installation at Coaxial Arts March 24–26 (carnation, lily) followed by an installation and performance at Human Resources Los Angeles on April 28 (lily, rose). This work is co-presented by Boss Witch Productions, Coaxial Arts, and Human Resources Los Angeles, and was developed with support from a 2022–23 Boss Witch Productions Commission.

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