LZX Meetup\NAMM Afterparty\Kodek\ Baseck

First ever LZX Synth Meetup at Coaxial with Lars Larsen and Jonah Lange in person. Please join us for a night of video modular synthesizers, BBQ and live performances by Baseck and Kodek.

7:00pm Doors and BBQ
8:00pm-10:00pm LZX meet and greet with Lars and Jonah

10:30pm Live performances
BASECK (Celebrate Everything)
KODEK (Erica Synths, Latvia)

FREE before 10pm

About LZX: http://www.lzxindustries.net/
LZX Industries was born in 2008 out of the Synth DIY scene when Lars Larsen of Denton, Texas and Ed Leckie of Sydney, Australia began collaborating on the development of a modular video synthesizer. At that time, analog video synthesizers were inaccessible to artists outside of a handful of studios and universities. It is our continuing mission to design creative video instruments that (1) stay within the financial means of the artists who wish to use them, (2) honor and preserve the legacy of 20th century toolmakers, and (3) expand the boundaries of possibility. The community of enthusiasts employing our tools in their personal meditations and artworks is what makes our mission possible.

Since 2015, LZX Industries resides in a small home workshop in Portland, Oregon where we focus on the research and development of new instruments, user support, and community building. Our synthesizer modules are manufactured and distributed to retailers locally by Darkplace Manufacturing & Distribution, just down the street.

LZX is not an acronym. It is an alphabetical sequence we find aesthetically pleasing.