La Vaca’s Herd Presents: The 5th World

By Jacqueline Racquel Vaca
Friday, September 24th 7pm – 8pm PST

Jacqueline Vaca (cypher names: La Vaca, Jay Vee, Jax, Jacquay, C’monnow)
Koren Porras (cypher names: Ko, Mama, Papa, Sister Mary You Betta Getit’)
Aziza Barnes (cypher names: Zi, Dougie Fresh, Heeeeey, baby-boi-u-stay-on-my-mind)

The 5th World, a Indigenous American belief referring to the rebirth of a better planet, examines the journey of human emotions told through corporeal and subconscious weavings through movements. The structure of the piece follows the ancient African cypher practices while also honoring Indigenous roots and traditions of sharing prayers and stories through dance.
Sung through an eclectic soundtrack pulling from the artist’s taste and personal collection, The 5th World re-discovers the joy and freedom that remain present within, thus creating harmonious surroundings and a feeling of belonging and purpose.
Originally starting as a multi-instrumentalist and classical singer, dance completely opened a new perspective on Jacqueline’s outlook and approach to music. Inspired by performers, attendees, and music of the club, these experiences remain the principle learning foundation for the artist.
Music is the most important aspect of my dance practice. It is what inspires me to move, to speak in foreign tongues, to take exciting risks, to dazzle others and myself simultaneously. I have always deeply felt music and think about honoring it every day, approaching my dance studies like I approach a new piece of music. My freestyle flavor and musicality are directly tied to my jazz studies especially when learning to listen to the details of others playing with me. I also get so much inspiration by watching others dance! One of the best parts of this practice is movement exchange and conversation.
The two other dancers, Koren Porras and Aziza Barnes met Jacqueline in Amy O’Neal’s freestyle technique class. The three became close and worked together on multiple projects with the dancer/educator, including a VR-interactive music video made with Wajatta (Reggie Watts X John Tejada). They were hand-selected by the artist for the first performance as La Vaca’s Herd for their generosity of spirit.

Biography: Native Angeleno Jacqueline Racquel Vaca is a natural polymath with many hats.
She’s a magical milliner, a wardrobe wizard, a passionate dancer, a classically trained singer, and a careful curator.
Blending techniques and drawing inspiration from travel, classic movies, history, nature, and her stylish friends, she creates for what surrounds her. Her work understands the delicate dichotomies of the world, capturing in the seemingly-effortless and always eye-catching. She is profoundly influenced by bygone eras, anthropological origins, physics beyond the standard model, and imaginings of a better next tomorrow.
I love the truth discovered in a whole picture, as beauty and the grotesque exist simultaneously. There is a play involved with the levels and balance of this juxtaposition. Even in the darkest times, this process helps me remain hopeful for humanity, imagining and re-imagining practical ways my work can help free the human race to have the courage to be who they wholly are. It’s very evident in much of my work that I encourage making and developing your own language, whatever that may be.
Jacqueline designed and made all of the costumes in the performance by hand, with most of the material coming from deadstock, recycled, upcycled, and altered clothes from her wardrobe and thrift stores. She hopes her recycled costumes will highlight the growing need to reuse pre-existing materials, and for consumers to pause to consider whose hands make their goods.

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