Kio Griffith, Wizard Problems, Dan Meyer, Pauline Lay, Alan Tofighi

Join us for an evening of sounds and projections featuring Wizard Problems, Dan Meyer, Pauline Lay, and Alan S. Tofighi with visuals by Kio Griffith.

Alan S. Tofighi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in the field of the composer/performer lies within an interest in free improvisation, concepts of collaboration, analog/electronic processes, and histories of audio culture/technology. Conceptualization, research, otoacoustics, extended techniques, interaction, and listening techniques are used to facilitate said works. more info can be found at

Wizard Problems is the triumviration of Ethan Marks (feedback trumpet, animal magic), Miller Wrenn (feedback bass, alchemical magic), and Clint Dodson (nonfeedback drums, temporal magic). Their work together exists at the intersection of the dark arts and magical technology.

Coaxial Arts Foundation

Our downtown Los Angeles venue and exhibition space.

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