K’in I’nnaj _ Blood Seeds for the Next Planting

K’in I’nnaj
Blood Seeds for the Next Planting
Sunday October 24th, 7PM PST
This event will be live-streamed on Coaxial Arts website: https://coaxialarts.org/liveA transborder Cuir ofrenda honoring detained migrants and the disappeared
Curated by Yunuen Rhi

The night of video performance streaming will feature ‘Cuir’ performance videos from Xicanx, Mexican, Colombian, Chilean and Bolivian artists.

The intention is to create a collective transnational offering to permeate the viewers’ imaginaries and call upon them to contest the gaze of hegemonic power play that results in violence and mass exodus of people especially from Latin America to the US and their subsequent detention in cages and/or disappearance.

The call to action is for accountability in our everyday actions—to breathe consciousness amidst the white washing we are complicit with and to forge radically tender ties as ways to transmute the roles we have been placed in.

Featuring videos by Nadia Granados (Colombia), Leche de Virgen Trimegisto (Mexico), Lukas Avendaño (Mexico), Luna Duran (Bolivia-Germany), Yunuen Rhi (US-Mexico) with Eryka Dallebach, Karla E. Canseco with Christal Pérez (US-Mexico), Perpetua Rodríguez (Chile), Panocha Chicimeka (Mexico), Yonel Charles (Haití)

Yunuen Rhi is a Xicanx-Korean non-binary internal martial art instructor, anthropologist, performance artist, writer and medicine being. We have cultivated ourselves in, eastern, western and native pathways to continue fading the boundaries of the self. Our performance work incorporates ritual and martial elements as a social practice that can creatively bridge communities beyond decolonizing labor.

Nadia Granados is a Colombian performance artist who uses her body concept in combination with multi-media technologies to explore relationships between the representation of state violence in mainstream media, institutionalized machismo, heterosexual pornography and violence against women.

Leche de virgen Trimegisto (1991/Querétaro, México) is a non-binary Mexican artist, curator and producer positioned from the logic of generic multiplicities that exceed the human, for which responds to the pronouns he, she and them. They are better known for an expanded artistic practice that encompasses sexual dissidence, popular culture, occultism and science with performance art, image creation, video and writing. One of a kind Latin American queer art and post-porn icon, his/her/they work contains a strong political content in which he/she/them conceives the artist’s work as a medium through which the invisible is made visible and the immaterial materializes.”

Lukas Avendaño is a muxe artist and anthropologist from the Tehuantepec isthmus in Oaxaca. In his work, he explores notions of sexual, gender, and ethnic identity through muxeidad. Avendaño describes muxeidad a total social fact, performed by people born as men who fulfill roles that are not typically considered masculine. Though it would be easy to make an equivalency between gay and muxe, or transgender and muxe, it can best be described as a third gender specific to Be’ena’ Za’a (Zapotec) culture.

Luna Duran (she /her / they) was born in the Bolivian Andes; she was raised in the United States of America and is currently living in Germany. Luna is devoted to the practice of Body Art and Hook Suspension as a means of deconditioning, decolonization, and spiritual awakening. She has documented many of her personal rituals and performances through the visual fine arts in collaboration with several artists in different parts of the world. Luna is the owner and operator of her professional body piercing studio, serving her community in Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany. She serves her international community as an educator and lecturer on Body Art in different conferences around the world.

Karla Ekatherine Canseco and Christal Pérez are an interdisciplinary collective based in Los Angeles. Their work explores themes of memory, the body and history. Through a means of deconstruction, they attempt to understand how their identity is framed, one which is dependent upon myths, migration and technological networks. Karla received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cal Arts in 2019 and Christal graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art.

Eryka Dellenbach is a genderfluid, nomadic filmmaker, performance artist and educator from Chicago. Their embodied films and performances are rites of passage for themselves and collaborators driven by consent practices, inquisitive hedonisms, cross-cultural correspondence and a belief in the capacity for mutual transformation through collaboration and art-as-life process. They are a HEKLER collaborator and legal advocate with California Coalition for Women Prisoners. IG: @erykadellenbach Website: erykadellenbach.com

My name is Charles Jones. I am 42 years old. I am Haitian. I’m also a professor of dance and song. I serve as a milant activist who works with lgbtq+ artist in the city of Jacmel and Port au Prince in the community of Petion Ville.
I work with the lgbtq+ who are directly affected by HIV/AIDS by proving them care without discrimination because there are not many clinics that will take them in.
I stay in a small room in a home called the Peace House which is a community of artists who have problems sleeping at their family home. Many of us have been kicked out of our family home due to our sexual orientation. The peace house is here to receive those who have problems. I’ve been doing this work for 12 years with the support of my friends in the United States. It’s hard work but there’s a lot of goodness and love for all lgbtq+ artists in our community and the world that has mental health problems, lack of sexual health education and family problems Due to their sexual orientation we face physical violence or death.

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