JuniorMintPrince (Oakland), Naomi FM, War Hippy, Stephie’s Castle, Amoebys Paax

Come welcome JuniorMintPrince to LA for the first time & help kick off their tour of the western US

Naomi FM
War Hippy
Stephie’s Castle
Amoebys Paax

Junior Mint Prince is a dynamic duo consisting of Lula Asplund and Naomi Harrison-Clay, two non-binary multimedia artists studying electronic music at Mills College. Both are engaged with extended vocals, organic found objects, and live processing through Max MSP. Blurred distinctions of song form, performative gesture, and open improvisation serve the core interests of Junior Mint Prince, as well as components of humor and theatricality. Their performances have been described as ephemeral, captivating, and uniquely charged yet playful. Junior Mint Prince is committed to a practice of transcribing moments of pure expression
into audible substance– gathering moments from the vortex of sound, which resemble collage.


Coaxial Arts
7PM – $7