“In his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Artist Jonnie Prey seeks to explore the common use of our cognitive “Mythology Data”
Items we use as tools, or objects as seen through re-imagined alien lenses; Dream Objects, Home & Garden, procedural meditations on the banal trash heaps of our everyday world. Uncovered through carefully selected pieces of Sculpture, Installation, Video, Sound and Performance, Divine Error aims to showcase an immersive experience and expound on the everyday Divinity of the Error around us, as we too have crawled up from the swamps in a dance of sub-species defiance, to prove that Error truly is the original design.”

Jonnie Prey is a Multidisciplinary Artist currently living in Los Angeles.
Born in Detroit, Michigan, he made his formative exploration in Performance Art when he studied Butoh with renowned Artist’s Koichi and Hiroko Tamano in Berkeley, California in the mid 00’s.

Jonnie remained a part of the Bay Area Arts scene until he relocated to Los Angeles in 2015.
His work has been shown in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Detroit, New York and Berlin.

In 2017 The Museum Of Contemporary Art Detroit asked him to be a part of Cary Loren’s Punk House at the Mike Kelley Homestead, which resulted in a 5 hour long Performance Art piece that remains a part of a much talked about evening of mayhem, lunacy and inspired performances from Artist Jimbo Easter and Detroit Artists ADULT.

Friday, March 16th, opening begins at 7pm, will include food and beverages and a special performance from Jonnie Prey with special guest Shannon Kennedy (Pedestrian Deposit, Nephila) on Cello.

Saturday, March 17th, the Gallery will be open from 1PM to 6PM with the Artist present to give “Personal Performances” to anyone who wants one. These will be for one person only at a time, a chair will be provided and Jonnie will perform for just YOU. Only one Performance per person please.

Sunday, March 18th, Gallery will be open at 3PM.
Jonnie will be hosting a Mail Art Workshop, with special guests soon to be announced.
Magazines, Art Materials and Mailing supply’s will all be provided.
DJ set by Christopher Reid Martin, playing selected cuts from rare tapes and records!
We will fire up the grill and BBQ as well.
So bring an appetite and some addresses to some folks you been meaning to mail some art to!

Don’t miss! xo