John Krausbauer, Henry Birdsey, Shelley Burgon

9 PM

$6 – 10


JOHN KRAUSBAUER is a composer/multi-instrumentalist/improviser based in Oakland, CA and co-founder of the Los Angeles publishing label, Besom Presse.

A long time purveyor of the ur-drone and trance-psychedelia, his compositional work involves audio transmissions for TOTAL/immersive sensory experience. Transcendence through repetition, duration, alternate tunings, maximum volumes, and stroboscopic lighting. In recent years he has returned to improvisational playing and sought out particular collaborations to further explore his interest in improvisatory music making.


HENRY BIRDSEY is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and recording engineer from Vermont (currently based in New Haven, CT), working primarily with microtonal organ, pedal steel, violin, and homemade instruments. His music is often drone-based and involves microtonal tunings, the amplification of metal, and fragments of church music.


SHELLEY BURGON is a performing composer and sound artist based in the US. Her work focuses on the sound of the harp as a traditional acoustic instrument in a chamber setting and as the primary sound source for her electronic music and sound art.

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