Jim Haynes • Blood & Conquest • Mortal Bodies • Smokey Emery

Saturday, September 23rd:

Jim Haynes (CA)
Describing his work through the pithy phrase, “I rust things”, Jim Haynes (b. 1972) is a California based artist who has developed a vocabulary of decay that he has applied to photography, sculpture, installation, and sound. He has exhibited internationally at institutions such as The Exploratorium (San Francisco), WestSpace (Melbourne, Australia), Jack Straw Productions (Seattle), Eyedrum (Atlanta), Diapson (New York), and The Lab (San Francisco).


Blood & Conquest
Collaborative project of Micaela Tobin (White Boy Scream) and Shannon Kennedy (Nephila, Pedestrian Deposit) utilizing their strengths in voice, strings and electronics.


Mortal Bodies
Mortal Bodies is the duo of Marc Gonya (Granite Mask) and Marfisia Bel (Harmaline), together operating in a sinister post-industrial haze. Analog synths twist and drone alongside staccato thuds and thumps, echoing into the distance under the gauze of Marfisia’s monotone vocals. A confession, a conversation, an insincere plea for help, compressed under the weight of perpetual dread.


Smokey Emery
Since the age of 17, Houston-born Daniel Hipólito has been capturing, fragmenting, and reconfiguring his life experiences as Smokey Emery. Hipólito has become a well-established fixture amongst many experimental and electro-acoustic music circles by releasing a myriad of dense ambient works comprised of dismantled field recordings, reinvented through tape manipulation.


+ DJ Paul Haney (Rust Worship, Obsolete Units)

Doors at 8pm.