Infinity Stage: Time Dilation Geometry – Suzy-Poling “Infinity Stage” Residency

This is the opening event of Poling’s take over inside of Coaxial Arts. The installation idea is about light and sound dissension, video interferences, mirrored sculptural interactivity and hypnotic rotation within a blacked out room. This new body of work is inspired by the book, “Order in Space” as it references multi-dimensional geometric objects and varied proportions. The objective of this installation is to examine scale, repetitive patterns, the relationship between synthetic video objects and three dimensional objects in a black room.  Live sonic performances by Pod Blotz and Cube.


Suzy Poling Biography

Pod Blotz/Suzy Poling is a multi-media artist working with sound, video, film, photography installation, sculpture, painting, collage and performance art. She researches the multi- dimensional interferences between optics, mirrors, sonic resonance, electrical synthesis, video experiments, human/alien identities and photographic studies of geological anomalies. She is from Michigan, studied at Columbia College in Chicago, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost a decade and now resides in Los Angeles. Visually, her work has been exhibited at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, Disjecta, Cal Polytechnic University, Cult Exhibitions/Aimee Friberg and Zg Gallery
. Her images have been published in The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Dazed Digital and a Metropolitan Museum of Art Book. She has lectured at Cal Poly University, de Young Museum, Headland Center for the Arts, Columbia College of Chicago. Poling is a recipient of the Mike Kelley Foundation Grant and was a nominee for the SECA Award at the SFMOMA. Sonically, she has performed at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Colour out of Space, Yerba Beuna Center for the Arts, Berkeley Art Museum, Human Resources, The LAB and Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts. Pod Blotz has made releases with Chocolate Monk (UK), Nostilevo (LA), Conjunto Vacio (Spain), Clan Destine Records (UK) and Dungeon Taxis (NZ/NYC). 

This program has been made possible by a grant from the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.